6 Tips for Wearing a Full Face Makeup With Glasses

6 Tips for Wearing a Full Face Makeup With Glasses

Charmaine Kon by Charmaine Kon on Mar 23, 2016
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Yes, you should wear makeup under your glasses. Here’s how…

“To makeup or not to makeup”, a common inner-monologue of the glasses girl, besides “Is that a bug on my windshield?”. The answer is always yes.

Whether you wear glasses on a daily basis or only sport them on days when you’ve lost the morning battle to the snooze button, we’ve got makeup tricks to help you look gorgeous in glasses. Because contrary to popular belief, glasses days don’t have to be nerdy, boring, or only exclusively sexy librarian-ish.

1Watch Those Eyebrows

Depending on your frame type, your glasses might or might not mask your eyebrows. Whatever it is, don’t skip that eyebrow work!

If you’re used to a straighter Korean-esque brow, reach for the stars with some arches when donning glasses. A filled in arched brow gives your eyes a more complete look while framing the frames that frame your face.

cyber colors eyebrow pencil

SOURCE: makya.com

To keep your brows kempt despite friction from the frames, use an eyebrow mascara or gel. We like the 24hr Eyebrow Duo eyebrow pencil from Cyber Colours – one end of the pen is a retractable eyebrow pencil while the other end is an eyebrow gel that keeps your brows in place while preventing smudge.

You can find this gem at a Sasa store near you.

2Eye Makeup Dos

eye makeup spectacles

SOURCE: frmheadtotoe.com

It’s important to play up your eyes and make your eyes appear more open. This especially applies to those with nearsighted and/or thick-framed glasses. The shape of the lens tends to make the eyes look smaller than they really are. Coupled with thick or oversized frames, your peepers might just get lost.

To prevent this, play up your eyes with smoky bronze eyeshadow and thicker eyeliner. Basically, the thicker your frames, the bolder your eyeliner should be. If a black eyeliner feels too heavy with your glasses, try a navy or dark brown one instead.

The thicker the frames, the bolder your eyeliner should be.

3Don’t Forget Your Lashes

Most girls skip mascara when wearing glasses, for fear that their sticky lashes might graze their lenses. Oh, the curse of long and full lashes! To prevent this, curl your lashes with an eyelash curler to “open” your eyes up and re-direct the length of your lashes upwards.

benefit mascara

SOURCE: missmakeupmagpie.com

Then, apply a volumising mascara instead of a lengthening one. Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara works great here because its curved brush and curl-setting formula help lashes stay pretty, curled, and out of your glasses’ way.

4Don’t Be Shy With Blush

Apply blush light-handedly for a subtle flush instead of a full-on makeup look. The easiest way to go easy on the blush is with a cheek tint as it gives you that natural-looking glow. We love another one of Benefit’s stars here, the Benetint – it’s both a cheek and lip stain #win.

benetint cheek stain

SOURCE: benefitcosmetics.com

5Conceal Marks and Shadows

You might find under-eye shadows cast by your glasses. To return this freebie from good ‘ol imperfect eyesight, make sure to apply concealer under your eyes. Applying it in an upside down triangle helps highlight the area, making your eyes appear brighter.

under eye concealer

SOURCE: cosmopolitan.com

While you’re in the business of concealing, remember to add 2 extra dabs on either side of your nose where your glasses rest. This is to conceal the marks that will form over the course of the day. You don’t want to look splotchy when you remove those glasses to make a dramatic revelation during that important presentation.

6 Lipstick Shtick

If you’re gonna let your glasses do the talking and keep your eye makeup light, then go for a bold lip colour. We like orange for when red is too dressy for a brunch date with your gal pals and when pink is too playful for a business meeting.

Go ahead and have fun with these, you gorgeous four-eyed monster!

Why you should care

Yes, you should wear makeup under your glasses. Here’s how…

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