Bleach Please! Everything You Need To Know About This Hair Trend

Bleach, Please! Everything You Need To Know About This Hair Trend

Kar Kei Wong by Kar Kei Wong on Mar 14, 2016
Why you should care

Blondes do have more fun! Well, at least when it comes to hair colour options.

Want to keep up with the bleaching trend but worried about the damaging rumours you heard? We answer some of your burning questions about bleach:

Will bleaching my hair damage it?

Yes, your hair texture will not be the same after. When you bleach your hair, the chemicals drain the colour pigments from your hair. Unfortunately, your hair moisture goes along with it, leaving your hair drier and rougher than before. Be prepared to manage tangles and split ends!

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How often would I have to visit the salon for a touch-up?

Bad news for brunette babes! The darker your roots, the more obvious the contrast when your hair grows out. If you’re particular about having the littlest of roots showing, you might have to return to the salon every 2 weeks.

Our advice is to stay away from the salon for at least a month after bleaching. Instead, you can style your hair to cover your roots. Try a top knot, bandana, or a headband.

After bleaching, do I wash and shampoo as before?

Investing in a new range of hair products is a must! The same care from before will not satisfy your hair. You will have to take conditioning, in particular, to a whole new level!

Get a deep conditioner and hair mask, especially ones catered to coloured or bleached hair. Besides that, a silver or purple shampoo can help remove the icky yellow undertones that are bound to show in your bleached ‘do.

Irreversible Bleaching

Can you undo bleached hair?

No, honey. Once you strip your hair of its colour, there’s no turning back. Re-dyeing it a darker colour doesn’t change the fact that your hair is bleached, which means that any darker colour that you dye after will fade to a much lighter colour.

So make sure that you’re absolutely committed to maintaining your hair after!

Should I go to the salon to get my hair bleached or do it myself?

No doubt that a home-bleach will be much cheaper, but do it at your own risk! If it’s your first time, we strongly recommend going to the salon! Better to get it done professionally than to have to live with the irreversible effects of a disaster right?

Will it hurt?

Mild scalp agitation or itching is perfectly normal. The second it feels like a burn, wash it out!

Bleaching Hair Process

Do I need to bleach my hair multiple times?

Lighter hair (achieved by multiple rounds of bleaching) produces brighter colours. Especially if you’re looking to dye your hair a bright purple or red, you may need to bleach your hair a few times.

If you’re down for bleaching, but not the intense damage, choose a deeper colour or one that’s closer to your natural colour.

What can I do to minimise the damage?

You’re not completely helpless to bleaching evils! Here’s what you can do to reduce damage:

  • If you have recently done any chemical treatment (say, straightening or a perm), it’s best to lay off the hair appointments for a while. Give your locks some time to heal from the previous damage.
  • Do your research well! Different salons and bleaching agents can mean the difference between a magnificent or disastrous bleach job.
  • Communication is always key. Know what you want and tell the hairstylist the truth. Don’t skim over any details of your hair history. Being specific can help you achieve your desired look.
  • Pre-bleaching concerns are only part of the story. Take care not to wash your hair for the first week. You need to give your scalp time to reproduce the lost hair oils. Try using a good dry shampoo instead and nourish your tresses with hair oils like argan or coconut.

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Why you should care

Blondes do have more fun! Well, at least when it comes to hair colour options.

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