Why and How to Work Out With This Skin Condition

Why and How to Work Out With This Skin Condition

Charmaine Kon by Charmaine Kon on Oct 26, 2017
Why you should care

Exercise helps the body better deal with skin conditions like psoriasis.

Those with psoriasis know how itchy, painful, and plain inconvenient this skin condition can be. This can be a hindrance to daily life, including keeping active and healthy with exercise.

Psoriasis affects 2% – 3% of the world’s population; 125 million people. This chronic skin condition is characterised by raised patches of skin and silver scales caused by cells that build up too quickly on the skin’s surface.

With the Itch and Pain, Is it Wise to Exercise?

Yes, exercise does the body all sorts of good. It eases stress and inflammation which trigger flare-ups. Furthermore, as those with psoriasis have higher risk of heart diseases, exercise is good for strengthening the heart, improving blood circulation, and lowering blood pressure.

home workoutSince there is also a correlation with being overweight and having psoriasis, the right workouts are beneficial for keeping fit.

What Type of Workouts are Good for Those With Psoriasis?

As psoriasis is different for each person and affects different parts of the body, ask your doctor for advice on the best kinds of workout for you. If you can, hire a personal trainer for at least the first few months, so they can teach you the right movements that work around your condition.

Low Impact Cardio

Cycling, walking, and swimming reduce stress levels and boost overall health while being gentle enough to not overstress the body or cause too much perspiration which might exacerbate itch or pain. Swimming is particularly good for psoriatic arthritis patients who experience joint stiffness and swelling.

Woman swimming googlesStrength Training

Free weight and body weight training are good to improve muscle strength and burn fat. Instead of heavier weights and fewer reps, op for lighter weight and more reps. The idea is to always ease the body into the workout, and not to stress it too much.

Flexibility Work

Yoga clears your mind and improves your flexibility, both of which are great for Psoriasis sufferers.

women yoga class

SOURCE: allure-yoga.com

Tips for a More Comfortable Workout

  • Wear loose clothes and comfortable shoes – the less friction, the better.
  • Drink lots of water before, during, and after workout so as not to dehydrate the skin and cause itching.
  • Apply petroleum gel like Vaseline to areas prone to irritation.
  • Get moving and don’t be too hard on yourself: working out with a skin condition is hard, but the benefits of doing it outweighs the discomfort, so start slow to find what works for you, and go easy or take a break on days when your body just isn’t up for it.


Why you should care

Exercise helps the body better deal with skin conditions like psoriasis.

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