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Confucius said, "A good haircut makes a good life." Oh, wait, no, that was me.
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Functional adult, bookaholic, recovering cereal addict. Swipe right to discover quality content near you.
Unabashed Germaphobe
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A beauty junkie at heart, Jayne Ong has an odd love for fuzzy socks and is a proud cheese devourer. She aspires to be the next big-wig broadcast journalist. But if all else fails, she might have to fall back on a career in music, being the professional shower singer that she is.
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I believe that language is the best tool for communication while writing is a passion. Going places and eating good food are lifetime goals. They say that your 20s is the best age to explore – I can’t wait!
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Restlessly seeking adventures and food.
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Fashion is my passion…oh wait, thats over-used. Well…I write about fashion and all things media.
Chocolate Addict
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Journalism major and cheerleader. Optimistic and somewhat of a dreamer. "The best is yet to come".
Ice-cream Enthusiast
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Messy hair advocate and ice cream enthusiast who is always ready for some pun!
Beauty Junkie
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Fashion and art lover. Fashion is a form of art - it's everywhere, from movies, to music, and dances. Our style speaks for us, representing who we are to society.
Curious Nomad
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I'm a big believer in karma and allowing things to happen in its time. When you ask me where I’m from, I’ll tell you that I’m just a citizen of the World. Having moved around my entire life, I can make anywhere my home.
Hibernation Expert
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When not in hibernation mode, this bag lover can be found contemplating the makings of the universe, usually at a nearby mamak stall. Likes music, lemon bars, vintage Vespas, and trombone-playing.
Full-time Mermaid
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Born from a rainbow spectrum of light, peace, love, and stardust; this Indian mermaid is one who paints magic wherever she goes, filling the world with happy vibes and a smattering of glitter. She truly believes that the world is a better place with a touch of colour.
Walking Thesaurus
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Early twenties, avid bookworm, and applied linguistics undergrad. Enjoys the pursuit of knowledge, experiences, and people. Firm believer in second chances and faith.