What Does Your Handbag Style Say About You?

What Does Your Handbag Style Say About You?

Charmaine Kon by Charmaine Kon on Jan 22, 2016
Why you should care

Handbags tell the tales of your personality. So, who are you?

They say that a woman’s handbag holds many of her secrets (besides receipt proofs of shopping). Subconsciously or otherwise, we tend to choose outfits that reflect our moods, personalities, and habits.

We think that your choice of handbag reflects your style and personality.  Read on to see if your chosen mode of carrier accurately describes you!

1 The Clutch

clutch bags for the working girl

SOURCE: pinterest.com

Her personality: A woman who loves her clutches loves to be in the driver’s seat. As clutches need to be handheld, they are not the most practical bag. So a woman who can hold her clutch can manage her business. Clutches are also typically statement pieces carried conspicuously by a confident and trendy woman.

Her style: Clutch chicas are trendy so they’re always in the know of the latest looks. Their style is chic, elegant, and never shy. Think pencil skirts, waxed jeans, structured dresses, and strappy heels.

2 The Satchel or Messenger Bag

Satchel or Messenger Bag

SOURCE: lookbook.nu

Her personality: Satchel and messenger bags are typically practical in size and function. This girl means business: she knows what she’s doing and where she’s going. She’s organised – her makeup and pens are in their allocated compartments. That being said, she also keeps her hands free for fun activities, so she’s good company!

Her style: Going back to the English school girl look, the satchel and messenger bag lover has a preppy style. Button shirts, sweaters, oxford shoes, A-line skirts, and more.

3 The Shoulder Tote

Shoulder Tote Bag

SOURCE: fashionoverreason.com

Her personality: Shoulder bags are a combination of form and function. While their owners care about keeping their hands free to run important meetings and tend to errands, they are also stylish. Women like these carry medium to large shoulder totes to support their busy schedules and big ambitions.

Her style: Like her bag, her style is a mixture of form and function. She enjoys lightweight blouses but also structured blazers when she needs them. She likes flirty midi skirts, but also tailored pants. She adapts her style to the situation and enjoys wearing different hats (and bags)!

4 The Backpack


SOURCE: vogue.com

Her personality: She’s somewhat of a style and personality rebel. While most girls leave the backpack era in their highschool lockers, she revives it as an adult – only chicer or edgier. Friends know this girl as the one who thinks outside the box because she’s creative and opinionated. She’s almost always up for new experiences and an adventure!

Her style: Unconventional and edgy. Denims, oversized clothing, and statement sunglasses are the go-to-weekend outfit. Her outfit always makes a statement whether she’s pairing it with sneakers or booties.

5 The Shopper Bag


SOURCE: notonthehighstreet.com

Her personality: A free spirit, the shopper bag girl believes in going with the flow. Like the bag, she prefers a schedule that is not structured. She’s flexible and comfortable with herself, and as a result loves meeting new people. The boys love to hang with her because she’s down-to-earth and fuss-free.

Her style: A free-spirited dresser, this lady lets her mood dictate what she wears.  What people see as mismatched patterns, she appreciates as quirky styling. Comfortable clothing, sundresses, jeans, and sandals are some of the items she loves.

So, does your handbag style reflect your personality?

Why you should care

Handbags tell the tales of your personality. So, who are you?

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