The petite girl's guide to dressing tall

The Petite Girl’s Guide to Dressing Tall

Harmini Asokumar by Harmini Asokumar on Feb 14, 2016
Why you should care

This one’s for our petite girlfriends! Find out how you can dress to wow for your frame.

The good thing about being petite is that you’re cute by default. The bad thing about it? You’re cute. By default.

But what about the times when you want to project that strong, sexy, and classy woman? Don’t feel small when it comes to fashion, step up and hold your head high as you rock these easy tips will elevate your #OOTD game!

1 Stay Within One Colour Group

To add height to your look, pair items and accessories within the same colour group. For example, if you were to wear something with a nude or earthy tone, pair it with other clothes and accessories in colours like nude, cream, taupe, grey, and white.

Staying within the same colour group eliminates extraneous elements from your look, giving you a streamlined ensemble. Plus, it’s a quick way to identify perfect clothing matches!

2 Monocromatic Tones

Petite Girl Shorts


Wearing the same colour from head to toe is the easiest way to project a vertical line that’s unbroken, giving the illusion of height. The principle works for identical hues and the same colour in different shades and textures. Pair a black leather top with a black neoprene or lace bottom, or even black jeans. Not only does this lengthen your look, it’s also very modern and chic.

3 Vertical Lines & Prints

Another really easy trick is to wear clothes with vertical lines as they also create an illusion of height. Try a pinstriped dress or a cigarette pants with a button up blouse for a clean and chic look

4 Fitted Clothing

Though it may seem like more form fitting clothes may emphasise your petite size, it actually works the opposite way. Oversized clothing makes you look smaller due to the conspicuous extra fabric. Stick to what works with and for your body, instead of wearing “fashionable” clothing that do not suit your body type. If you love the oversized trend, try big cardigans and sweaters with high waisted skinny jeans to give you a taller silhouette. Ensure that at least one article of clothing is form fitting.

5 Pick The Right Prints

Printed Shorts


Small prints work best for smaller frames. Big and busy prints may look gorgeous on the clothing store rack, but might be too busy for your petite frame. Pick prints that are proportional to your size so that they don’t overpower you.

6 Skirt Story

Contrary to popular belief, mini skirts do not give you a full on length illusion as they cut off at your thighs, and might make you look shorter. You actually need to find something that is going to give you proportion instead. Try a full maxi or midi skirt with high heels. Those skirts will elongate your legs while the heels will give you added height.

Why you should care

This one’s for our petite girlfriends! Find out how you can dress to wow for your frame.

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