Liquid Lippies: 5 Malaysian Brands that Matte(r)

Liquid Lippies: 8 Malaysian Brands that Matte(r)

by Lydia Lohshini on Sep 13, 2017
Why you should care

With Matte lipsticks being the talk of the town, we have some Malaysian brands that could give Kylie a run for her money.

All thanks to Kylie Jenner and other social media influencers, matte liquid lipsticks are a trend that’s sticking.

Instead of scouring the net for affordable Kylie Lip Kit resales or ordering Colour Pop lippies all the way from the US and paying a horrendous amount for shipping (only to have them get stuck at customs), take a dip into these homegrown products!

And did we say just how perfect they are for our Asian skin tones? Check them out for yourselves.

1 Velvet Vanity

This independent Malaysian cosmetic brand is making waves on social media and a clear sign of their success is that each one of their 9 colours continually sell out. This vegan matte line boasts 9 shades, Peach Perfect, In Bloom, Florescence, Slamberry, Cheap Thrills, Shook, Legit, Smash Hit, and Mr. West. We honestly love them all! These long lasting and subtle colours are formulated with jojoba oil, coconut oil, and olive oil which nourish your lips while keeping them pretty. They’re also vegan and animal testing free!


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DIDA was founded by 2 fashionable friends, Tengku Chanela Jamidah and Didie Nasir who are head of their own fashion labels. Since its inception, the brand has been well received amongst local and international audiences. As a matter of fact, 4 out of 11 of their shades are currently sold out! Their tagline is ‘by women for women’ as the brand seeks to empower women with their high quality and affordable products.

3 ZHUCO Cosmetics

Hailing from Borneo, Malaysia, Zhuco Cosmetics is a cream-based lippie that gives you a more pigmented finish. These lip products are not only designed to hydrate your lips but also features a signature vanilla scent for a sweet-smelling pucker. With 23 colours, Zhuco has a shade for every whim and fancy, and skin tone! Our personal favourite would be Urban, the perfect shade of plum that transitions from a day-to-night colour. Plus, the hue looks very similar to Kylie’s Kourt K!

4 Breena Beauty

Created by Malaysian Blogger Sabrina Tajudin in 2014, Breena Beauty has since caught the eye of Malaysian makeup enthusiast and has quickly become a go-to for affordable and high quality matte lippies. With 9 hues in her Velvetcreme range, makeup brushes, and even her own beauty blender, Sabrina is on her way to owner a beauty empire.

5 Painted Malaysia

Paint Malaysia started out as a passion project for Adam, Angelyn and Celine who together wanted to create a plant based beauty range. The brand has since launched 6 gorgeous shades of vegan matte liquid lipsticks. The heavy pink and red based range is halal-certified so fret not ladies.

6 Stage Cosmetics 

With 15 strong year of expertise in the cosmetic game, the brand Stage Cosmetics was formed in 2008 as a professional makeup artist brand. Pretty well known in the local beauty scene, Stage has a wide range of matte lipsticks, makeup brushes, and even an array of eye and cheek palattes. Our favourite product by far has to be their Wondermatte Lipstick shade in Elektra, it could honestly give M.A.C.’s Ruby Woo a run for its money.

7 So.Lek

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If you haven’t already heard of So.Lek, you need to get with the program. Endorsed by a slew of Malaysian influences and celebs, So.Lek is a homegrown brand that produces lippies, lashes, and eyeliner. With all her products named after Malaysian flowers like Dahlia, Mawar, and Cempaka, we can’t help but be smitten.

8 Nita

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Founded by Aznita Azman in 2016, Nita has quickly risen to fame amongst local makeup guru’s and aficionados. Not only are all of Nita’s products hypoallergenic and affordable, the brand also incorporates local customs, traditions, and even cuisine into the names and packaging of the products, how cute! Also, bonus points to Nita for being one of Vivy of Fashion Valet’s go-to products.

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Why you should care

With Matte lipsticks being the talk of the town, we have some Malaysian brands that could give Kylie a run for her money.

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