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Move Over LBD, Here Are Other Wardrobe Staples You Need Now

Charmaine Kon by Charmaine Kon on Feb 15, 2016
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Some of the best wardrobe items you never knew you needed.

Since it’s already been hammered into our heads that a wardrobe must-have consists of a Little Black Dress (LBD), we thought we’d fill you in on other wardrobe staples for the style-conscious woman. #Fierce.

Because while that pretty floral dress is reserved for a special date and that sky-high stilettos for a night out with the girls, certain pieces just work with most outfits for most occasions . Time to tick these off your shopping list!

1 Simple Striped T-shirt

Gary Pepper Girl Striped Shirt


The striped t-shirt (sleeved or not) is incredibly friendly. It works as well with boyfriend jeans as it does with a dressy skirt. From casual to work-appropriate, the striped T-shirt is cheeky, versatile, and stylish.

A striped T with a dressy skirt makes for an unexpected yet chic outfit for work. Edge up a simple striped T with a leather bottom and statement accessories.

Plus, the T-shirt’s basic quality means that you’d get to wear it often and pair it with different bottoms and outerwear without having anyone accuse you of recycling the same time!

2 Well-Fitted Blazer

Andrea Chong Black BlazerBlazers are a sure-fire way to level up your outfit. Even if it’s with a pair of shorts or a mini skirt, blazers turn up the fashion volume on your look. They also transform a casual outfit into something more meeting-appropriate. A printed blazer or one in a bold colour adds an extra statement.

3 Classic Pumps

A trusty pair of pumps is a must-have. It works in the office and at a party. This classic shoe not only elevates your outfits, but also your height. It also helps straighten your posture so you’ll feel like you’re always strutting your stuff! Make sure to get a pair that doesn’t squeeze the life out of you, though.

Get one in all the basic colours for easing matching: black, white, nude, and silver.

4 Dark Wash Jeans

Aimee Song Ripped Jeans


Aside from being flattering for all shapes and sizes, dark wash jeans is top in the versatile charts. As opposed to their lighter wash counterparts, dark wash jeans are a little more dressy, making it great for various occasions.

A neutral coloured top and dark wash jeans are perfect blank canvases for statement accessories.

5 Bright Statement Bag

Bags get a pass from needing to necessarily match your outfit’s colour palette. Might as well make use of that pass by getting a statement bag to throw on whenever you feel like your other bags just aren’t quite right with your ensemble.

6 Right Watch

Leather Watch Arm Candy


We love it when form meets function. Not only is a statement watch snazzy, it also tells you the time. It’s the perfect accessory for the on-the go woman. It’s also an easy go-to piece when you just cannot be bothered to choose an arm candy for your OOTD.

Throw on bangles, bracelets, and rings for added style points.

Why you should care

Some of the best wardrobe items you never knew you needed.

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