Makeup products you need to have in your bag at all times

Makeup Products You Need to Have in Your Bag at All Times

Simone Camy by Simone Camy on Feb 19, 2016
Why you should care

Because bad weather and bad luck happens. These might just save your life.

Ever been caught in a situation like rain that washed off half your left eyebrow, or did you run into an ex looking pale as paper?

Prevent future mishaps by keeping these 5 items with you at all times; we promise they won’t take up too much space in your bag. It’s really worth the extra weight.

1 Concealer

This is probably the most important item to keep with you at all times. It covers up all proof that you left the house makeup-less or without sleep; it gives you a fresher face. Conceal eye bags and unflattering spots on-the-go or right before an 11th hour meeting.

2 Blusher

Want to look fresh instantly – especially after a long day at work? Blusher (or bronzer, if you’re the type that enjoys a tanned finish) will work wonders for a quick makeup fix.

3 Lipstick and/or Lipgloss

Lipsticks in a RowThe right red lipstick or even a smooth lip gloss will instantly brighten up your look and no one would even notice that you “forgot” about that work event. Red lips also project a sense of class and elegance.

4 Dry Shampoo

Forgot to wash your hair 2 nights in a row when suddenly an old girlfriend calls you up for a dinner catch-up after work? What do you do?

If you haven’t tried dry shampoo before, here’s a good reason to: it absorbs the grease from unwashed roots to make your hair look fresh and smell clean.  Don’t worry, dry shampoos come in travel-sized bottles too, so they’re easy to carry around.

5 Eyebrow Kit

Eyebrow KitMany people don’t realise that eyebrows are the key to making your face look done-up. Drawing your eyebrows will give your face definition as well as the confidence to meet your friends for that catch-up session.

If all else fails and your look is under-prepared for the day ahead, then the right pair of sunnies will just have to do the trick.

Why you should care

Because bad weather and bad luck happens. These might just save your life.

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