RM7 Healthy But Yummy Meals for Students on the Go

RM7 Healthy But Yummy Meals for Students on the Go

by Lydia Lohshini on Aug 5, 2017
Why you should care

Time to get rid of all that instant noodles.

When you’re a student with no time nor cooking skills, instant noodles become your daily sustenance. It’s time to change things and incorporate these cheap, healthy eats into your menu.

We looked up all the ingredients for these meals at our local grocers and each one of these cost RM7 and under. The best part about this is that you can even buy in bulk (for cheaper) and prep for the entire week!

1 Cauliflower Fried Rice

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This is an absolute favourite of ours. Blended cauliflower is a super delish rice substitute and all you’ll need for this fried “rice” is a head of cauliflower, a packet of frozen mixed vegetables, and some seasoning. Voila, you have yourself a satisfying meal that’s also healthy!

Add On: If it’s too plain, go ahead and add on some chicken for just a little more cost.

2 Steamed Tofu

Steamed tofu paired with rice is a great go-to meal for days when you want something light and easy to make. This dish takes under 20 minutes to prepare, leaving you with ample to get back to studying (that new crush of yours on Facebook).

Add On: You can opt to add minced meat or more vegetables to the recipe for something more filling.

3 Grilled Fish

Who would have thought that you could have ikan bakar on a student income. We scouted around and found that you can find fish for as cheap as RM2! And don’t worry, you don’t have to purchase the products in the video, you can always make them on your own.

Add On: Make more paste so you can turn the dish into fish sambal instead!

4 Instant Mason Jar Noodle Soup

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If you’re still craving for some good ol’ Maggi noodles then why not make some of your own? This way, you can control what goes into your food (and stomach). You can make these mason jar noodle soup out of anything you have in your kitchen. Save money by using the ramen noodles from your instant noodle packet and switch up your soup for your favourite dry ingredients or sauces.

Add On: Eggs, fishcakes, and leafy greens are great additions to instant noodles!

5 Healthy Ice Cream Sandwiches

Who says healthy desserts can’t be tasty? These “ice cream” sandwiches will prove you wrong. Treat yourself after a long day of classes or a tough quiz with this quick and easy dessert. Instead of strawberries, you can opt for mangoes, grapefruit, and even melon.

Add On: Colourful sprinkles instantly make any dessert Instagram-worthy.

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Why you should care

Time to get rid of all that instant noodles.

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