Basic Brazilian wax aftercare your friends are too shy to tell you about

Basic Brazilian Wax Aftercare Your Friends Are Too Shy to Tell You About

Harmini Asokumar by Harmini Asokumar on Feb 12, 2016
Why you should care

There’s a lot you should know about caring for your lady parts after a brutal Brazilian!

When it comes to waxing, there’s nothing quite as challenging (or as sexy) as a Brazilian wax. Because of its sensitive nature (hah), people tend to avoid talking about it, so you might be missing out on these aftercare know-hows!

With great beauty comes great responsibility, so keep that in mind and follow these Brazilian wax aftercare tips that will definitely help.

1 Keep It Clean

Bikini Wax After Care

Yes, it’s that simple. Make a conscious effort to take regular showers, especially on hot days that make you sweat. Avoid using swimming pools or going to the beach the first two days after waxing. That area is still fairly sensitive so avoid using public facilities that may be unhygienic and in a worst case scenario, cause an infection.

2 Avoid Heat

Avoid washing the waxed area with hot water and stay away from too much sun exposure as your skin is sensitive post-wax and might be easily irritated, resulting in a rash.

3 No Tight Clothes

Bikini Wax After CareGive yourself some space to breathe! Avoid using tight underwear or jeans. Pick something flowy and loose for your #OOTD instead. You’ll feel more comfortable as opposed to wearing something tight that will aggravation that sensitive area.

4 Pick Your Soaps & Lotions

Bikini Wax After Care LotionAvoid using any type of chemically-harsh soaps or lotions on the waxed area. Use mild soaps or specific washes dedicated for the feminine area to be sure that you’re not aggravating your skin.

5 Body Scrub

Bikini Wax After Care Body ScrubIngrown hair is inevitable and trust us, it’s no fun. You can use a gentle scrub to exfoliate the area (after a week!) to help remove dead skin cells, allowing new hair to break through instead of growing inwards and causing an itchy or painful bump. Mix some fine sugar with some coconut oil if you’d like an all-natural scrub. Once you’ve exfoliated, moisturise the area to keep it soft and smooth.

6 No Sex

Give your waxed area 48 hours to recuperate. The friction from sex might give you an infection, so it’s better to avoid it and be safe than sorry. Plus, a bit of teasing never hurt anyone!

Why you should care

There’s a lot you should know about caring for your lady parts after a brutal Brazilian!

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