inflight beauty tips for the glam traveller

Inflight Beauty Tips for the Glam Traveller

Harmini Asokumar by Harmini Asokumar on May 11, 2016
Why you should care

If traveling makes you glow on the inside, how do you make it show on your face…inflight?

We tend to look like zen goddesses in vacation pics, but more like ill-rested monsters on planes. What’s the deal?

Travelling is tiring. Dealing with check-ins, strict timelines, and flight delays are a bother. And so the tiredness shows on our faces, skin, and hair. What’s more, plane air is usually dry and stale.

That’s why we compiled these inflight beauty basics that will help you step out of planes looking magazine cover worthy!

1 Moisturiser or Mist

Thanks to the increasing volume of travellers, cosmetic and skincare brands have come up with travel-sized beauty essentials. There are strict rules regarding the amount of liquid allowed on board, so make sure you have a moisturiser, facial oil, and facial mist in a 100ml packaging (or smaller) in your hand-carry.

Apply your moisturising product once every few hours to keep your face hydrated, preventing dryness and flaking. Air conditioning tends to dry out the skin, so it’s especially important to stay hydrated during long flights. We especially love the facial mist in this instance, as it will refresh your face.

Try Aesop’s facial mist with rose petal, bergamot peel, and chamomile bud which help soothe stressed skin.

aesop immediate moisture facial hydrosol


2 Hair Away From Face

Tie your hair up or pin the hair around your face away to prevent your hair from falling to the front, making your face oil quicker. Tying it up also means that you won’t have to deal with hair kinks from sleeping on your hair or from headrest static.

There are many ways to keep your hair off your face: a loose ponytail to avoid rubber-band lines on your hair, a braid which you can release into messy waves, or a chic scarf or headband look.

head scarf hair


3 Eye Pads

Pack eye pads to help soothe tired and puffy eyes resulting from the high altitude. You can always ask the stewardess to help refrigerate it before you intend to use it. Instead of just falling asleep on the plane, give yourself a semi-spa treatment and wake up with fresh-looking eyes. No time wasted as you pamper yourself end up looking refreshed and relaxed.

4 Lip Balm

Due to the lack of water (both consumed and in the air), and because of the recycled cabin air, your lips will tend to dehydrate. To avoid this, pack a lip balm into your handbag. Use a stick version as it’s easier to pack and use inflight – no application brush or fingers required.

5 Body Butter

As it’s important to keep your face and lips hydrated, so it is for your skin. The air conditioned environment will cause your skin to dry up and maybe even become scaly. To avoid that, bring along a travel-sized lotion of your choice or even better, a body butter.

Body butters have a thicker consistency and are easier to use inflight (no spillage). We like Body Shop’s wide range of body butters – they feel and smell delicious!

body shop body butter moringa


6 Minimal Makeup

Give your foundation a skip and opt for something lighter like a BB cream instead. You aren’t looking for major coverage of your skin, but for something that your skin can breathe in for long hours. For additional coverage of dark circles and blemishes, use a concealer.

You can also opt for basic eye makeup tricks to help you look more awake. Shade your eyebrow in to frame your face and apply mascara to make your eyes look more awake.

Why you should care

If traveling makes you glow on the inside, how do you make it show on your face…inflight?

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