Why you should care

Treat yourself with a little shopping.

Once you’ve gone through every single one of those red packets, you’re left wondering what exactly to do with your newly acquired wealth.

The common sense in us will say, we need to save for the future, but we all know the struggle. Your head tells you no, but your heart says yes. So we help you, help yourself to some (or all) of these goodies!

Future Too Bright

So you gotta wear shades! That’s right ladies, shield your eyes while you’re hustlin’ for those #goals. And don’t just opt for a basic pair, we suggest this glam pair of Quay Australia shades. The rose gold hue perfectly enhances all skin tones, and the mirror effect is great for warding off anybad vibes.

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Be Your Own Cheerleader

public desire sandals

SOURCE: public desire.com

If you need a little cheering up, pick up your pom poms and get back into that good mood. And by pom poms, we mean this absolutely adorable trend of wearing them on your feet. Cheerleaders, get your pom poms here or here.

public desire heels

SOURCE: publicdesire.com

Treat Yo’ Self

at home spa kit

SOURCE: sephora.my

All the visiting, driving around, and traffic will definitely take a toll on you so treat yourself with some pampering. Enjoy a good home spa sesh with these Sephora gift sets.

Get these goodies here.

bath and body kit

SOURCE: sephora.my

It’s All About Mimi

We all have a little Mimi in us. Her nonchalant attitude to life’s challenges are enviable, but let’s get real, we can’t afford to live her glamorous lifestyle, regardless of how many houses we visit this CNY. So the next best thing? M.A.C. Mariah Carey! Give your life a little sparkle with the M.A.C. Mariah Carey collection, and trust us, you’ll feel every inch like the queen that Mariah is.

Time After Time

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Gift yourself these gorgeous eco-friendly watches or if you’re completely in love, pick up one of these gorgeous timepieces for your significant other. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so instead of clambering for a last minute gift, express your feels for that special someone by spending your CNY angpow on them.

Pick up your very own Woodworks watch here and read up on their cause here.

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Why you should care

Treat yourself with a little shopping.

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