10 Myths About Jeans You Need to Throw Out the Door

10 Myths About Jeans You Need to Throw Out the Door

Charmaine Kon by Charmaine Kon on Jul 30, 2016
Why you should care

Get rid of these, along with those few guilty pairs in your closet.

Some of these myths are as old as that one pair of jeans from college that you still keep because it might fit again one day.

We call false, on all counts.

Don’t take us the wrong way, we struggle with jeans too. Everyone does, or probably has at some point. How do they look so good in the store, but not when you put them on? It might be cause you’re still listening to some of these lies…

1 Buy jeans in a smaller size, since they tend to stretch out

Buy the size that fits you well as there is a higher chance of over-stretching jeans that’s too tight for you. Good quality jeans shouldn’t stretch, unless it’s old or damaged – which might mean that it’s time to bury it.

ripped jeans Asian

SOURCE: avenue86.com

2 If you constantly need to pull your jeans up, it’s probably a little loose – a belt will do the trick

Instead of being too loose, your jeans might actually be too small at the waist, so it wriggles out of place. If you have to fuss with your jeans too often, get rid of it.

3 It’s okay for super skinny jeans to pucker, they’re meant to be tight

No matter how tight a jean is, it shouldn’t pucker (too much). One sign that it’s too tight is when the wrinkles are puckering inwards.

4 Skinny jeans are only for skinny people

If you’ve got curves, flaunt them! Then flatter what god has given you with a darker wash and a flouncy top to create balance in volume.

Skinny jeans curvy

SOURCE: Cosmopolitan.co.uk

5 If a jean cut doesn’t look good on you, it will never look good on you

Whoa, slow down, Negative Nancy. If you’ve tried on a boyfriend jean that didn’t look good, don’t write off all boyfriend jeans. Try it in a different brand, wash, length, and more – you might surprise yourself by how good it looks by varying a little detail like colour.

6 Only try on jeans in your size

Different brands have different interpretations of sizes. A size 28 in one store is not the same in another. Always try on smaller and larger sizes to find the perfect fit for you. The size on the label doesn’t determine how good you look; the fit does!

jeans label7 A slipping zipper is a malfunctioning zipper

Jeans that are too tight tend to have slipping zippers. Show it the door the way you did that one fly in your kitchen – aggressively and assuredly.

8 Jean pockets are just for show

Jean pockets can do so much for you. If you have a smaller bum, look out for pockets with flaps or contrasting stitching for a boost of volume. If you’re bottom heavy, opt for large, plainer pockets that will balance the volume of your booty.

Jean pocket contrast stitch

SOURCE: Langstons.com

9 Cropped jeans always make your legs look longer

Yes, but no. Make sure they fall right above your ankles. Jeans that are too short will make your legs look stumpy.

10 When washing your jeans, avoid the washing machine like the plague; the dryer is your friend

Four words: hand wash; air dry. The high temperatures of a washing machine and dryer might shrink your jeans and cause wear and tear.

Why you should care

Get rid of these, along with those few guilty pairs in your closet.

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