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The 90s are SO back – are you choker ready?

The 90s are coming back with a bang, and what better way to turn heads (and necks) than with chokers?

Chokers are versatile and can upgrade any plain outfit to an edgy one. We show you how to slay in this 90s accessory trend for any occasion.

1 Work

Chokers don’t have to be for night outs or lunch dates; you can actually get away with wearing a choker to work without looking tacky. The key is to always keep it simple and minimal by making sure your outfit is simple and dress code adhering.

The thick black choker (or neck scarf) is the perfect accessory for work.

black choker

SOURCE: happyschnapper.com

A thinner and similarly monochromatic choker with a pair of camel coloured trousers and a white shirt also does the trick.

camel coloured trousers and choker for work

SOURCE: carolinebogrette.com

2 School, Movie Dates, or Shopping

The tattoo choker definitely has to be your uniform if it isn’t already. Pair it with a denim outfit or even with good ol’ tank top and shorts.

denim to denim

SOURCE: thegirlintheyellowdress.com

3 Wedding

Say “I do” to a choker for an elevated wedding guest look! It adds a touch of interest to a dress.

zendaya in choker

SOURCE: self.com

If you want a touch of glam, the gold choker is perfect for the ceremony.

kim kardashian choker

SOURCE: dailymail.co.uk

4 Dinner Date

The wrap choker (or a simple velvet ribbon) is the perfect finishing touch to a simpler look, transforming that LBD into a bold and sexy one. A black velvet ribbon is easily available and extremely versatile – tie it however you like! Sport this and your red lipstick for the perfect date night look.

black wrap choker

SOURCE: fashiontoast.com

If you’re not a fan off the ribbon, try something with sparkle. The diamond or “diamond” choker is the perfect bling accessory for a simple LBD.

diamond choker

SOURCE: glamour.com

5 Outdoor Events and Festivals

Festival #OOTDs are incomplete without fab accessories. Pair a low neckline top with a dangling design, or a high neckline top with a hardware choker.

chokers at festival

SOURCE: Instagram user iamkareno

Make sure to show off the choker by wearing your hair up.

You can even use fabrics like bandanas, ribbons (but we said that already), or canvas strings as chokers. Wrap a combo of those around your neck for a clever mix of fabrics and textures.

bandana choker

SOURCE: freepeople.com

Cover image from thechrisellefactor.com

Why you should care

The 90s are SO back – are you choker ready?

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