Why you should care

It’s a fine line between retro realness and Minnie Mouse.

“I don’t think there’s ever a wrong time for a polka dot” – Marc Jacobs

Polka dots are a classic and bold statement. If you’re pattern-timid, it’s the easiest way to ease into patterns without giving up your love for solid colours.
If you’re worried about channeling childish instead of childlike, follow these tips:

1 Small is Better

songofstyle polka dots

SOURCE: songofstyle.com

Pick small dots instead of large one. They are the grown up version of larger polka dots but are equally fun! Pair it with plain accessories and clothing, or if you’re a #OOTD pro, go ahead and mix patterns within the same colour palette!

2 Get With The Times

k is for kani polka dot topGo for modern silhouettes and styles. Polka dots lend a retro air, so update the look by pairing it with modern pieces like a matchy jacket and shorts. Instant fashion girl!

3 Less is More

tuolomee polka dots

Never wear more than one article of polka dot clothing at a time. For a pattern that already demands attention, less is definitely more. Also go with neutral or more muted tones as bright polka dots can come of as childish.

4 Fall Back On Staples

thefancypantsreport polka dots

SOURCE: thefancypantsreport.com

If you’re afraid of the pattern, then pair it with staples like jeans, a blazer, or a leather piece. You can never go wrong with a minimalist look!

5 Mix and Match

Floral and Polka Dot Bathing Suit

SOURCE: goodbadandfab.com

Mix it up! Two unlikely prints can sometimes complement each other beautifully. The trick is to get the polka dots smaller than the other print you’re mixing it with. You can also test the waters by putting together two printed items with similar colours!

Cover image from garypeppergirl.com

Why you should care

It’s a fine line between retro realness and Minnie Mouse.

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