Dress up to Show up: A Girl's Guide to Wearing Confidence

Dress up to Show up: a Girl’s Guide to Wearing Confidence

Kar Kei Wong by Kar Kei Wong on Apr 4, 2016
Why you should care

How you dress can not only affect how you feel, but how you interact with people and your environment!

“First impressions are lasting impressions” A good outfit not only makes a good impression, it also changes the way you look at your environment and vice versa.

As if we needed more reasons to look fabulous, here are more incentives to play dress up for different occasions. Instead of choosing your look for the day based on how you feel (especially on Monday mornings), always ask yourself, “What do I want my outfit to say today?”

Here’s a cheat sheet on how to dress for different occasions so you’ll always be ready to take on any kinda day!


What: New year countdown parties

You may want to know just what the 4 most common dress colours symbolise and the vibes you’d give off in these colours:

  • White: neatness, purity, and simplicity
  • Brown: warm-heartedness, reliability, and stability (commonly associated with the earth)
  • Blue: calmness and tranquility
  • Black: simple sophistication and authoritativeness

Don’t resist the urge to wear something with a little sparkle or glitter as it gets you into a celebratory mood, like this two-toned dress from Asos!

Studies have shown that what you wear at the start of the year can affect the way your year turns out, so by all means, put on something that makes you smile!

asos sequined dress

SOURCE: us.asos.com


Who: Sophisticated students and career chicks

What: A major presentation

Pull off the perfect balance with a midi skirt and a long-sleeved V-neck sweater or t-shirt.

You’d want to ditch your usual casual get-up for a more professional look because the event simply calls for it! At the same time, you’d want to stay away from dresses and outfits that might age you.

The mid-length skirt keeps things professional while the sweater or t-shirt puts the casual in smart casual. Remember, everything counts in a presentation: it isn’t just your Powerpoint slides or the way you speak, a pristine outfit also affects your overall presentation.

hallie daily midi skirt and blouse

SOURCE: halliedaily.com


Who: Fresh graduates (or other job seekers)

What: Job interview

Based on the type of job you applied for, you’d need to dress accordingly..

If it’s a corporate company or one that offers professional services (legal, accounting, banking, etc), you’d want to go for a fitted suit – preferably one with shoulder pads. They give your frame a bit of structure, lending to an authoritative feel.

We like this outfit idea – a feminine blouse with a sharp pant in the same colour, and in white, no less lends sophistication and height illusion to the look. A textured blazer adds colour and interest for the perfect work combo!


SOURCE: laceandlocks.com

If the work environment of the company calls for a more casual dress code, try layering clothing items you already have at home, to create an interesting combo. Wear a vintage T-shirt or striped T-shirt under a blazer or a vest for a more casual look.

Who: All the single ladies

What: Date night

While we want to make killer first impressions on dates, an absolute no-no is to overdo it. Ultimately, we want our date to like us for who we are. So pick an ensemble that has you written all over it, only with added pizzazz! You can do this by accessorising or choosing a dressier bag or shoes.

We recommend an outfit that is both comfortable and flattering – much like this dress from Zara’s 2016 spring collection. Sexy doesn’t always have to scream in a cleavage-bearing top or up-riding dress.

Rather, it can be in a charming personality and strategically placed cut-outs. We recommend trading the sandals for strappy heels, though.

zara cut-out a-line dress

SOURCE: zara.com

Don’t wear something too tight – you know you’d want that chocolate lava cake for dessert.

If you’re going for a daytime ice cream date, then dress for the occasion in fun prints! The outfit will match the tone of the date and bring out your playful side, helping your date feel at ease.

We like this Zara dress jumpsuit! Pair it with wide-strapped sandals or even white sneakers!

zara spring jumpsuit dress

SOURCE: zara.com

Aim to dress up and according to dress codes, but always consider your daily to-do list and while embracing your individual fashion sense!

Cover image from sazan.me.

Why you should care

How you dress can not only affect how you feel, but how you interact with people and your environment!

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