Mega Sale Shopping Tips From a Bargain Hunter

Mega Sale Shopping Tips From a Bargain Hunter

Charmaine Kon by Charmaine Kon on Jun 19, 2017
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The annual Malaysian mega sale starts in June and lasts till August. Win the best bargains with these tips.

Having been a teenager with limited pocket money and the every-adult with financial obligations like food and shelter, I know that dispensable income is precious. Which is why you should spend it, but carefully.

Besides being an effective bargain hunter, I am also a ‘Convenience Queen’, which means that these tips are not hard to do and will ease your shopping experience.

1 Look for Hidden Discounts

What’s better than a discount? A discount on top of a discount.

Online Shops

Before checking out my cart, I make it a habit to “Google” extra promo codes. If you’re a first-time buyer, there’s almost always a special discount. Otherwise, there are a ton of partnership promo codes that you can input to get extra discounts. Sites like iprice, cuponation, and saleduck allow you to search for promo codes by store.

shopback stores


Shopback is another site online shoppers should bookmark. The site gives you a percentage of your purchase as cashback. Simply choose form a multitude of online stores like Lazada, Zalora, and Hermo. You’ll then be redirected to that store where you can shop. You receive cashbacks on every purchase and once you’ve collected a certain amount, you get to withdraw it!

Retail Shops

Certain stores offer extra discounts if you pay with a certain credit card or if you sign up for a membership. This includes memberships that you have to pay for. Calculate the amount of savings you’d get after deducting the membership fee to see if the membership is worth signing up for. If you make a big buy, it’s usually worth getting the membership because they usually have a minimum 1-year validity.

As for credit card promos, they’re not always blatantly advertised in-store, so be sure to check with retail assistants on existing credit card promos.

Retail and Online Shops

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If you’re a fan of a store or brand, follow them on social media and subscribe to their mailing lists. Plenty of offline and online stores announce sale periods and extra discount codes via their social media posts and emails. Certain online stores even offer the option to only receive emails on discounts and promotions so you can opt out of all other types of email.

2 Keep Your Cards on Hand

Sephora card


Membership, discount, and credit cards can be bulky, but since it’s the sale season, start travelling with them! You’ll never know when you’ll catch a sale or happen to be in a mall during a weekday lunch and have no choice but to buy those mules on 50% discount – it is your civil right!

If you find these cards too bulky, then find out which stores require you to present or scan the actual card, and which ones just need your name and contact number. You’d be surprised to learn that not many stores require the card!

3 Avoid the Parking Headache

grab promotion

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As it’s the sale season and in preparation for Raya, transportation apps like Uber and Grab have frequent promotions. Save the parking and traffic headache and order a ride to the mall because sale season means more people and cars.

If you plan your trip well by travelling during promo hours or to nearby locations, you might even get free rides! I stand corrected: what’s better than discounts isn’t more discounts, it’s ‘free’.

4 Bookmark for Later

If you know a sale is coming, do the shopping beforehand to better secure the items you want.

Online Shops

Save the items you want into your wish list. If you’re afraid to lose that off-shoulder ruffle blouse, then check to see how many items are in stock by selecting a larger quantity for purchase. If the button remains as ‘Buy Now’ and doesn’t change to ‘Sold Out’, then it’s probably safe to buy it later.

Once the sale starts, you can easily add your wish list items to cart and checkout!

Retail Shops

Do the same thing for physical stores. Take pictures of tags and their serial numbers to note the items you like. During the sale, you won’t have fend off sale-hungry shoppers and get into impossible long queues for the fitting room.

All you have to do is head straight to the cashier to ask for the item in the size that you want. No fuss required!

You’re welcome.

Why you should care

The annual Malaysian mega sale starts in June and lasts till August. Win the best bargains with these tips.

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