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Festival season is here, get that perfect OOTD.

Festival season has kicked off, getting us super excited thinking about festival-worthy, Insta-perfect outfits. We definitely want to look our best as we watch our fav acts, who knows, maybe the lead singer catches your eye, and you’d need to make an impression!

No better person to take festival fashion advice from other than annual festival attendee Vanessa Hudgens herself who’s Instagram can be our lifelong Lookbook, festival season or not. We chart some of her top tips and best outfits for your styling pleasure.

Throwing (on) Shade

You definitely don’t want to have a heat stroke at festivals, more so before your favourite band comes on! So you need to make sure you’ve got some shade, and we mean get your sunhat ready and a pair of chic sunglasses before hitting the shows.

PS: It can sometimes get cold during the nights ,so pack a lightweight hoodie or kimono too!

Flat Out Footwear

Although you may see this chic actress barefooted 80% of the time at Coachella, she always makes sure she walks in with a pair of flat shoes. Be it sandals or lightweight boots, Hudgens picks out her footwear based on weather conditions: if it’s hot and stuffy, then an open toe sandal and if it’s windy and muddy, she opts for a pair of boots. Never make the mistake of wearing heels or heavy footwear to a festival, trust us.

Try Trendy Tresses

It doesn’t only take fashion choices to be a style icon like Hudgens, you’ve also got to have trendy tresses. Take a cue from Vanessa Hudgens and embrace your natural hair – just amplify it with the best products and accessories! When all else fails, tie it all up in a high pony tail or go the VH way and add a dreamcatcher!

Break Free

We can’t deny how good Vanessa Hudgens pulls off colours. From her monochrome magic to vibrant vibes, the actress is always stunning at festivals. You’re out in the sun, so take a chance and pick outfits that are bold and fun. Go bright, dark, colourful, neon, or anything you want and be a fashion chameleon just like Hudgens. If not at a festival, then where else?

Switch Up the Makeup

Don’t pile on the makeup when you’re at festivals, they’re only going to melt away in the heat. Take a cue from this songstress and try out face paint or jewels. They’re fun, playful, and will most definitely up your OOTD game!

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Why you should care

Festival season is here, get that perfect OOTD.

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