How to choose the perfect necklace for every neckline

How to Choose the Perfect Necklace for Every Neckline

Yee Lin Thum by Yee Lin Thum on Jan 15, 2016
Why you should care

If you’re wondering about what kind of necklaces to pair with your outfits, wonder no more. Here’s the down low!

A poorly chosen necklace may make your neck look shorter, clash with your outfit, or worse, get you in trouble with the fashion police.

You may have a gorgeous top and a pretty necklace that look great when worn separately, but together, make for a weird looking combo. Here’s why – your necklace is of the wrong length and size for that top’s neckline!

The necklace you choose to wear shouldn’t just be picked based on how it looks, but based on how long, big, or wide it is. There are 4 types of necklace lengths in general. A choker is a 14” – 16” necklace that wraps around your neck and typically sits high above your collarbone. An 18” princess necklace sits right on your collarbone while a 20” – 24” matinee necklace sits near your bust line. At 30” or more, the opera necklace is the longest type of necklace and it falls below your bust.

So, how do you know which necklace to wear with what neckline?

Boat Neck

Rhea Gupte Dress


The boat neck is a wide neckline that follows the curve of your collarbones. It enhances small chests, narrow shoulders, and long features. For boat necks, choose an opera necklace that falls below the bust line, or a choker necklace that sits right on top of the neckline. This way, the end of the necklace won’t clash with the edge of the neckline. Go for chunkier necklaces and avoid thin necklaces because they may end up falling into your top/dress.

Crew Neck

A crew or round neckline is simple and versatile. Women usually shy away from this neckline because it sits closer to the neck, making the neckline look short and wide. Bib or collar style necklaces go well with this neckline as they help to frame it. Choose a matinee or opera necklace to pull the eye view down. This elongates your neck and balances out the illusion of extra width created by the crew neckline. Avoid a necklace that sits right on your neckline because it will be popping in and out of your top or dress as you walk.


Chriselle Lim Turtleneck


The turtleneck is one of the hardest necklines to pull off. It suits people with long faces or necks. Pick a long opera necklace for this neckline because a short necklace will make your neck area look busy.


Gary Pepper Girl Necklace


A sweetheart neckline is very feminine and romantic. It’s made up of two curves along the bust line, resembling the top of a heart. This neckline helps to accentuate your cleavage, and looks great on people with short necks or angular faces. Short statement or pendant necklaces go great with this neckline.

Cowl Neck

A cowl neckline is one with softly rounded folds. It’s best not to wear a necklace with this neckline because a cowl neck is voluminous and is a statement in itself. If you really want to wear a necklace with a cowl neck, choose an opera necklace. A short necklace will add more bulk to the neckline, and you really don’t want that!

Scoop Neck

Paradigma Long Necklace


A scoop neck is a wide, deeply curved neckline. Because it extends downwards, it gives the impression of a longer neck and wider shoulders. To counteract this, wear long opera necklaces to bring the focal point to your centre. You can also layer your long necklaces with shorter necklaces or a choker. This adds dimension and interest.


This is a classic cut that tapers down to a point, creating a V-shape. It’s worn to create the impression of a slimmer, longer, and taller figure. Choose a necklace that doesn’t go past the end point of the neckline and which complements the width of the cut. Try dainty pendants with thin chains or beads/pearls that sit right above the end of the neckline. If you’re wearing a deep V, don’t wear a necklace that’s too short or you risk cancelling out the elongating effects of the low neckline.


Strapless/Tube Dress


This neckline bares the most skin, so a necklace is a welcome addition. Chokers or short pendant necklaces will look great on strapless tops or dresses. Choose a statement necklace if you’re wearing a simple outfit to elevate the ensemble.

One Shoulder/Asymmetric Neckline

An asymmetrical neckline is any neckline that is asymmetrical. It is a stunning neckline that’s great for special functions. It suits people with narrow shoulders and slim arms as it creates a widening effect. Choosing the right necklace for this neckline is pretty tricky, but not impossible. Generally, a choker works well as its length will not clash with the neckline’s edge.

Collared Shirt (Button Down)

Large Statement Necklace


A collared shirt can handle most types of necklaces. Just ensure that you’ve got the placement of your necklace just right so that it doesn’t disappear from sight behind the folds of your collar. You can layer a statement necklace over a buttoned collared shirt to create a bold look. Necklaces that form a V-shape will also complement a collared shirt very nicely.

Why you should care

If you’re wondering about what kind of necklaces to pair with your outfits, wonder no more. Here’s the down low!

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