Why you should care

Skip the mini panic attack when you realise that you’ve forgotten something by using this packing guide

Packing for vacations is dreadful. You almost always feel like you’ve left something behind and if you actually did, you’d have to make unnecessary purchases at your destination.

So if you’re traveling, make sure you have these:

1 Comfy Kicks

Your vacay is likely to involve lots of walking, so it’s important to equip yourself with a pair of comfy shoes or sandals. By comfy, we don’t mean flip flops; we’re talking about padded and comfortable shoes that will not only keep your feet from hurting and developing blisters, but ones that have good grip for most walking surfaces.

Your best bet? A pair of sneakers; they have good grip and are often designed for comfort and long walks. But make sure they’re not a new pair – new shoes can bite or you might realise (too late) that they’re of the wrong size.

stan smith adidas

SOURCE: hypebeast.com

Try This: Adidas’ Stan Smiths are comfy, versatile, and stylish. They’re great for any weather and the crisp white gives you that minimalist edge.

2 Cover-Ups

Outerwears or cover-ups are crucial regardless of your travel destination. Even if you don’t use them during your trip, you’ll find yourself reaching for one while in-flight.

Thicker jackets like parkas and winter jackets are great for cold weather destinations, while cardigans and kimonos are great for the summer. Research weather conditions at your destination and pick a suitable outerwear. Need some help deciding? Read this (link outerwear article).

3 Skip the Wrinkles

Since you might not be able to iron your clothes, it’s best to pack clothing items that don’t wrinkle. Knitted and certain chiffon pieces aren’t only wrinkle-free, but they’re also comfortable and versatile. Chiffon pieces are best for summer vacations while knit tops are great for colder weather.

4 Max it Out

Maxi dresses are a vacay must-have! They’re so versatile –  dress it up or down with appropriate accessories. Maxi dresses help cover you up for winter and are a good statement piece for summer. They’re also one piece, leaving more space in your luggage to shop!

asos maxi dress

SOURCE: asos.com

Try This: ASOS Premium Wrap Maxi Dress with Embroidered Peacock and Flower Detail is our go to maxi dress for any season. It’s so chic and its neutral tone keeps it versatile.

5 Get With the Basics

Basic pieces are key when travelling. By basic, we mean your black pair of leggings, your go-to cami top, and your essential pair of shorts. They are easy to pair with other clothing pieces and can be stuffed into your carry-on for emergency purposes. If your pieces are all black, don’t fret, they’re the easiest to style AND they hide stains!

6 Hats Off

Hats are great for vacations, regardless of the weather. Pack a straw hat, a panama hat, cap, or even a beanie, depending on your destination. Whether you use it to block sunlight, keep your ears warm, or just as a fashion statement, hats on vacations are necessary!

7 Bag It

The right bag will carry all your essentials around while looking cute. Totes and backpacks are vacation staples as they’re comfortable to carry and easy to pair with your wardrobe. Just keep in mind that your bag needs to be spacious enough to carry essentials like your purse, sunnies, camera, and hat!

convertible bag

SOURCE: Etsy user Lee Coren

Try This: Check out this ingenious convertible bag that doubles as a backpack and tote!

Why you should care

Skip the mini panic attack when you realise that you’ve forgotten something by using this packing guide

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