Infinite Ways To Rock A White Shirt

Infinite Ways to Rock a Boring White Shirt

Yee Lin Thum by Yee Lin Thum on Feb 10, 2016
Why you should care

A white shirt is one of the most important items to have in your closet – here’s why!

Whether you’re feeling casual or dressy, you can always count on a classic, crisp white shirt to put together a stylish outfit.

White allows you the freedom to play up other pieces of your outfit – think of it as a chic blank canvas. Wear it to work with a fitted pencil skirt and a pair of pumps for a trendy working girl look, or match it with a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans and heeled sandals for a meet-up with your friends.

To help you get started, we’ve listed some of the many ways you can wear your white shirt.

1 Layer it up
stylish ways to layer your white shirts


Layering a pullover or a cardigan over a white long-sleeved shirt creates a preppy look. Tuck the collar of your white shirt over the neckline of your sweater and let the cuffs of your sleeves peek out. For a more professional look, layer a fitted cardigan over your white shirt. If you’re after a more polished look, wear a crisp white shirt. Otherwise, a softer material like a jersey shirt gives the look a feminine touch.

2 Wear a stylish skirt
Button Shirt with Long Skirt


The best thing about a white shirt is that it can match almost any sort of skirt style and colour. A tailored long sleeved white shirt goes well with a fitted black pencil skirt and a pair of heels – perfect for that afternoon meeting! Spice things up by tucking in your white shirt into a vibrant coloured full skirt; this gives you an edgy, yet feminine flare. Pair your white shirt with a short skirt for a more fun and flirty look.

A helpful tip to always look on point is to look at the length of your skirt. Tuck in your white shirt if your skirt is long, and leave your white shirt untucked if your skirt is short. Of course, this isn’t always the case, but it’s a good guideline for beginners.

3 Rock them shorts
stylish ways to wear white shirt with shorts


A pair of shorts and a white shirt makes for a chic and comfy combo. Add a pair of sandals or heels and you’re ready to hit the streets. Throw on a black blazer to transform your outfit from a day to night ensemble. For a casual look, wear a pair of denim shorts with your white shirt. Go for a pair of tailored shorts to look polished, or opt for a pair of leather shorts for an edgier look. Patterned shorts look especially good with a white shirt because the plan shirt balances out the patterns. If your shorts are plain, get a white shirt with ruffles or a peter pan collar to give your outfit more dimension.

4 Blue denim
stylish denim jeans with a basic white shirt


There’s just something about blue denim that complements the white shirt so well. It adds class to a pair of ripped jeans, while smartening up a pair of denim shorts. Add on a black leather jacket to give your outfit a bit of an edge. Your white shirt and blue denim bottoms combo can go from casual to sophisticated with just a few changes in shoes and accessories so have fun with it! A good rule of thumb for denim jeans to remember is that if you’re wearing a fitted white shirt, boyfriend jeans are a-ok. However, if you put on an oversized white shirt, wear fitted blue denim jeans instead, to avoid looking too bulky.

5 Go crazy with details

The great thing about wearing a white shirt is that you can go crazy (kinda) with your accessories or bottoms. Think colourful and detailed statement necklaces, bags, or bottoms. The key is to wear just one statement piece with your white shirt. Tame a full skirt with your white shirt, wear a super eye-catching statement necklace with your white canvas, or add a pop of colour to your outfit with a bright clutch – the sky’s the limit. Whatever outrageous pairing you can think of, your trusty white shirt is there to help it shine.

Why you should care

A white shirt is one of the most important items to have in your closet – here’s why!

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