Get the Best Out of Your Hair Every Day of Your Wash Cycle

Get the Best Out of Your Hair Every Day of Your Wash Cycle

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We show you how to get the best out of your hair throughout your wash cycle with minimal heat and product.

Three days since your last shampoo but no time for your next shampoo? We show you how to get the best out of your hair with minimal heat and product.

That greasy, icky sensation you get when you haven’t washed your hair for a few days is all too familiar, but did you know that your hair looks and feels different even on Day 1 and 2? Uh-huh.

Pro-tip: This article recommends a 3-day wash cycle, but be mindful of your own hair’s needs. Thin, fine hair may need more frequent washes as it tends to attract build up, while over-shampooing thick, curly hair can lead to frizz due to a loss of natural oils.

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Day 1 – Overnight Curls or Waves

Your hair: Have you noticed how your hair is both flat and poufy after a wash? It just lays there like a slippery helmet. Your hair will also be a wee bit dry as you’ve rinsed some of the natural oils out. It may feel soft to the touch, but this can make it hard to style more elaborate hairdos. The biggest problem though? Frizz.

Do: There are no strict rules on when you should wash your hair, but experts recommend sleeping on slightly damp hair overnight to give it natural waves and texture.

Don’ts: Avoid aggressive combing on Day 1 as dry brushing dry hair is a recipe for breakage and frizz. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb while you’re still in the shower the night before – you can untangle any knots you find later on with your fingers.

Keep an anti-frizz solution at hand for spritzing throughout the day; you can DIY your own by mixing a tablespoon of your conditioner with one cup of water. Apply only to your hair ends!

Avoid overloading your hair with greasy styling products. It’s Day 1! You don’t want to weigh your hair down from the start. We also recommend leaving your hair down to allow oils to make their way down your shafts instead of saturating your scalp.

Get the look: As soon as you step out of the shower, apply a lightweight leave-in styling crème or conditioner to prime and protect – we like Joico’s Daily Care Leave-In Detangler, which you can get at participating salons.

Joico Daily Care Leave In Detangler


We recommend air drying or towel drying with a microfiber cloth but if you’re impatient, blow dry on low heat with a diffuser till your hair is almost – but not quite – dry. Use one of these no-heat overnight curl techniques to get the look you want.

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Wake up, run your fingers through your hair, and go! Work in a little serum or light volumiser if it’s absolutely necessary.

Day 2 – Textured Twist

Your hair: Day 2 hair is the best your hair’s ever going to look on its own. If you’ve got a special occasion coming up, plan ahead so that it falls on this day! The oils in your hair make it easier to hold textured styles while keeping flyaways down.

Do: Since day 2 hair is flatter as you’ve produced more oils, introduce volume and texture with the help of rollers, by changing your parting, back combing, or teasing the roots with a fine-tooth comb.

Don’t: Product and heat go a long way in remedying some of the kinks in your hair but their drying effect can be counter-productive, making your body respond by producing more oils. If you know you’re not going to wash your hair often, stay clear!

Get the look: Day 2 is ideal for updos and twists with a little pouf to them. [Check out these easy twist updos here!](

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Day 3 – Braids

Your hair: At this point, your hair is showing signs of greasiness – it’s limp and separating into chunky pieces. It’s not a look you want to wear au naturel, but all that oil and humidity gives your hair texture and control which makes it great for braids.

Dos: Apply dry shampoo to your roots and hairline to give your hair volume and absorb grease. We like Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk which you can find online on Lazada.

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo


Style your hair away from your face. This gives it additional lift while hiding oil residue and preventing any grease from transferring to your face. If there’s oil along your part, pull your hair back without parting it.

Don’t: Leave your hair down as the grease and dirt from your hair might transfer to your face and cause breakouts.

Get the look: We love the infinite number of braid styles out there! Master one or two that you can pull off quickly, but feel free to mix and match – box braids, Dutch braids, fishtail breads, French braids, milkmaid braids…we love them all.

CREDIT: YouTube user: Roxxsaurus

Day 4 – Head Scarf

Your hair: Gurllllll.

Get the look: We like top knots and high ponytails as the greasiness works in your favour, giving you a shiny, sleeked back appearance that looks intentional. Pair with a head scarf (that you should throw into the wash right after!). It’s chic enough to distract from your dirty hair.

CREDIT: YouTuber user: Milabu

Why you should care

We show you how to get the best out of your hair throughout your wash cycle with minimal heat and product.

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