Skin and Hair Care Routines You Should Adopt if You Do These Workouts

Skin and Hair Care Routines You Should Adopt if You Do These Workouts

Why you should care

Fitness 101 starts with the right skin and hair care exercise.

The rules are mostly the same: clean your face and don’t skip the showers, but we show you what else experts do. 

Different workouts can mean different pre- and post-workout beauty routines, especially if you’re exercising in different environments. As a general rule however, you should clean your face thoroughly before you work out to remove dirt and makeup – sweat, heat, and bacteria can get trapped under your layers of foundation and blush, leading to enlarged and clogged pores, redness, or uneven skin tone.

Once your workout is complete, shower! Again, sweating can clog your pores and lead to breakouts. Skip the heavy moisturisers and makeup as well to allow your skin to breathe.

Gym Session

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Be sure to keep a travel-sized makeup remover or wipes handy if you’re heading to the gym straight from the office. Alternatively, jump on the athleisure makeup trend! We know, we know – we said no makeup. But not all of us are #blessed with that post-workout glow, and we just have to take advantage of those floor to ceiling mirrors for our Instagram Stories. Plus, it’s a pain to remove all that makeup only to put it all back on 45 minutes later.

We love cosmetics from Tarte’s Athleisure Makeup line, Birchbox’s Arrow line, and Rae Cosmetics which were formulated specifically for workouts. Tarte provides international shipping, while you can shop Rae Cosmetics on Amazon. You can also simply shop for makeup that’s non-comedogenic, mineral-based (rather than oil-based), or suitable for sensitive skin. Otherwise, skip your heavy foundation in favour of BB creams or tinted moisturisers.

The other thing to look out for at the gym? Germs. Carry a hand sanitiser to disinfect your hands before touching your face. We also recommend bringing your own hand and bath towels as the ones provided by gyms are usually heavily bleached and can irritate your skin.

Outdoor Run or Hike

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Whether you’re out at dusk or dawn, don’t forget your sunblock. Opt for one with SPF40 or above that you should reapply every hour or so – ‘sweatproof’ and ‘waterproof’ features are myths when it comes to sunscreen. We love Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ PA+++, available at most drugstores.

Wear a visor or sunglasses when running outdoors to avoid squinting in the sun and as an extra precaution when your sunscreen rubs off. This also applies to the rest of your outfit; covering up is not a bad idea if you’re outdoors while it’s exceptionally hot.

There’s also the dreaded running phenomenon that most of us don’t talk about – thigh chaffing. Before heading out, coat your inner thighs with a liberal amount of Vaseline or baby powder. The same goes for your feet where unsightly blisters and cuts can develop from the friction with your socks.

Yoga or Pilates Class

A simple top knot or ponytail is no match for all the sweating and switching from downward dog to plank to cobra that comes with yoga, especially if you’ve got thick hair. Master a braid that you can pull off in 5 minutes: not only will it keep flyaway strands in place during vigorous workouts, you’ll also avoid the dreaded ponytail crease.

If you’re participating in vinyasa or hot yoga, expect to sweat a lot in close quarters. Invest in a good, invisible deodorant that won’t leave obvious white streaks when you lift your arms towards the sun. Find the perfect deodorant for you here.

All that sweating is also great for detoxing and bringing impurities to the surface – take advantage of it by dry brushing before your class to remove dead skin cells and stimulate your circulation. However, avoid any scrubbing after workout sessions when your skin is still feeling raw.

We also suggest you disinfect and air your mat after each workout to avoid transferring bacteria to your hands and face.

Swim Session

Joico Clarifying Shampoo


chlorine neutralising soap


Every frequent swimmer’s no. 1 enemy? Chlorine. It strips your hair and skin of their natural oils, leaving you with split ends and dry, crunchy hair, as well as tight, itchy skin that’s prone to cracking and flaking. It can also discolour your hair, especially if it’s dyed (or naturally) blond.

To protect your hair and skin, rinse before your session – hair and skin that’s fully hydrated tend to absorb less chlorine. We also recommend treating your hair with coconut oil beforehand and wearing a silicone cap to minimise exposure to chlorine.

After your swim, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo like Joico K-Pak Clarifying Shampoo and cleanse your skin with a chlorine-neutralising soap like this one from Summer Solutions, both available on Lazada. Don’t forget to pamper yourself! Set aside time for regular hair masks and moisturise with a heavy duty moisturiser like Eucerin PH5 Intensive Lotion (available at most drugstores) after showering.

Why you should care

Fitness 101 starts with the right skin and hair care exercise.

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