Why you should care

Because ain’t nobody got time for that…Instagram beauty hack.

We heard you asked for “new year, new me, but same old lazy”. We’re here to deliver.

There are little things more thrilling than the discovery of a new look, long forgotten confidence, and best of all, instant gratification!

1 Blowdry Your Hair Before Sleeping

This is the year to learn how to blowdry your hair. It’s really not that hard. The secret? A large paddle brush. It grabs a lot of your hair at once and gives you enough tension to straighten your hair out under the heat. If you have medium hair thickness, it won’t take you longer than 10 minutes.

Body shop brush

SOURCE: snapdeal.com

If you’re willing to go the distance to wake up with great hair, then get silk pillow cases that won’t mess up your hair with static as you roll around in dreams of golden retriever puppies.

2 Brighten Your Smile

People notice and remember a great smile. Level-up your grins by brushing it with a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice. Do this once a week and leave it on for no longer than a minute as the acid from the lemon juice might strip your enamel.

Pro tip: To maximise the effect of the whitening solution, remove the gunk from your teeth before by wiping them with a cotton bud.

3 Give Your Hair Some Colour

You don’t need bleached platinum hair to give yourself a new look. If you’re new at this, try babylights (delicate highlights) in a tone that’s slightly lighter than your natural hair colour. This way, you’ll have just enough of a colour lift to give you a fresh look without the hassle of maintenance that comes with changing your base colour.

4 Hand Your Brows Over to a Professional

Have a professional shape, wax, or thread your brows. A professional should be able to tell you what suits your face shape and natural brow shape best. You might just discover a new look that was meant to be your look all along!

We trust the experts at Benefit; find them at Benefit or Sephora stores.

5 Go short…er

Not ready to take the plunge with a bob or a pixie cut? Then give your long mane a cut to the shoulders, or try bangs. Lighter-weight hair guarantees instant freshness.

Afraid that bangs might make your face look round? Keep the sides long, or ask your stylist for a side-swept one.

jeniffer garner bangs hair

SOURCE: women-hair-styles.com

6 Try a New Lip Colour

A little colour on the lips instantly picks up your complexion. If you’re used to safe nudes, try a coral or red lip. If you’re used to your red lip, try a deep purple. Experiment to find a new go-to shade, or change it up every day.

Dark lipstick Asian

SOURCE: Pinterest user kaylyn

7 Bronzing is Contouring for Newbies

Too lazy to contour? Then try the more fail-proof bronzing. It gives your face a sun-kissed look while sculpting it. Choose a bronzer no more than 2 shades darker than your skin colour and lightly sweep on with a large and soft brush.

Bronzer diagram

SOURCE: Hairsprayandhighheels.net

8 Change Your Parting

If you haven’t done this, you haven’t had your life changed in the matter of seconds – and I’m only mildly exaggerating. Try different partings: centre, left-side, right-side, and a deep part; it gives different illusions of your face shape.

An extra benefit of constantly changing your parting is reducing the strain that leads to hair loss on your parting.

9 Back to Nail Basics

Take a break from all that fancy nail are and go back to tried and tested nail styles: reds, nudes, and French Manicures. Bonus points for looking a little more grown up.

10 Try a Hair Accessory

Remember when we were kids and we’d sport a different headband or hair clip everyday? Let’s bring that back. Elevate a ponytail with a ribbon, or do a boring half-up with a not-so-boring hair clip.

Triangle hair clip style

SOURCE: hauteandrebellious.com

Cover image from joycelynthiang.blogspot.my.

Why you should care

Because ain’t nobody got time for that…Instagram beauty hack.

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