8 DIY nail hacks for professional-looking manicures

8 DIY Nail Hacks for Professional-Looking Manicures

Harmini Asokumar by Harmini Asokumar on Jan 2, 2016
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You’ll thanks us later for these nail hacks that will give you professional-looking nails.

If you love giving yourself manicures at home, these easy nail hacks will not only save you money, but time too!

We get it, it’s not always easy to drop a chunk of cash on a professional mani-pedi session. That’s why we dug up these nail tricks that will make your claws look as pretty as, well, very pretty nails.

1 Nail Art Pen


SOURCE: dramastar.org

When it comes to drawing on your nails, acrylic paint or nail polish would be the best bet but one mistake can mean a lot of repainting and clean-up. Here’s where gel pens come in handy. Make sure your nail polish is completely dry before drawing on your design. Once satisfied with your work of art, let the paint from the pen dry (20 minutes or so) before finishing with a top coat. You can find nail art pens on Lazada or substitute them with household (fine tip) marker pens.

2 Make Your Own Stickers

Ever seen really cute nail stickers and wished you could have them in a different colour or shape? Here’s the secret, you can make your own! Apply a thick layer of nail polish (colour of your choice) on a thick plastic bag and allow it to dry. Once completely dried, it can be peeled off and cut up to create different shapes and designs. Just stick it on your freshly painted nails and go over it with a top coat to keep it in place.

3 Make The Colour Pop

Apply a white base of nail polish before applying pastel colours. This allows the white to serve as a blank canvas so the pastel colour can stand out. Bonus tip: neons work great against white backgrounds too!

4 Mend Your Nail

Occasionally, you’ll find your nail cracking at the sides, leaving you no choice but to cut across your nail. You can, however try to repair it. Cut a little piece off a tea bag, place it on your nail at the broken spot, and seal it with a top coat to mend it. It’s almost like it never broke to begin with.

5 Nail Polish As Remover

clean nail

This is for the times when you run out of nail polish remover. Paint a fresh layer of polish on the old colour that you want to remove, then, use a cloth to wipe it off. You’ll notice that the previous colour will be removed as well. Repeat this process until your nail is completely stripped of colour.

6 Make Your Own Polish
nail makeup product

SOURCE: makeupgeek.com

Unable to find the exact colour you’re looking for? Make your own nail polish! Add eyeshadow pigments to clear nail polish to create that unique colour. Now you can match your nails to your eyeshadow!

7 Vaseline Is The Word

SOURCE: cosmopolitan.com

It’s too easy to overpaint your nails and get polish on your skin. To avoid this, apply a thin coat of Vaseline around your nails to ease removal of the excess polish on your skin – all you’ll need to do is wipe the vaseline away when you’re done painting.

8 No Thick Coat

When it comes to painting your nails, do several thin coats with enough drying time in between layers. Thick coats are harder to dry as they might dry on the surface but still risk smudging on the inside. Be patient and stick to thin coats.

Why you should care

You’ll thanks us later for these nail hacks that will give you professional-looking nails.

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