Why you should care

With great hair comes great responsibility!

We’re always trying new funky colour trends but semi-permanent hair dyes give us short lived vibrant tones that quickly fade into a muted mess.

Although fading is inevitable, we definitely want our efforts (and money) to last as long as possible while keeping our hair healthy. Keep your dye job going (vibrantly) with these tips:

1 Healthy Hair

Before you head out and purchase your next trending hue of hair dye, you may want to make sure your hair is healthy first. All that bleaching doesn’t do your hair good, so allow some breathing time before you ambush it with colour.

Patience is key to bright and vibrant hair, so make sure you pull all the stops to nurture your hair. Hair masks and serums like Sachajuan’s Intensive Hair oil will help restore your hair’s youthfulness.

2 Quality

We all want to jump onto the trend train and go crazy with vibrant hair colours but sometimes it’s better to wait it out.

Research the various hair dye brands out there and the effects they will have on your hair. It’s best to purchase trusted brands than picking the cheapest option. Although a little on the pricier side, Manic Panic and Special Effects provide good quality hair dye’s in various shades.

3 Cold, Cold Water

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If you’re DIY-ing this, it’s best to take your time with the entire process. We know that once you’ve applied the dye it’s really hard to contain the excitement, but rushing will only leave with lacklustre results.

The best way to helping your hair lock in that colour is by rinsing off the dye with cold water. Cold water helps your hair cuticles lock in the colour and reduces the bleeding especially when you’re mixing colours!

4 Avoid More Damage

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After bleaching your hair, it’s time to lay low and give your hair some time to recover. Try to reduce your use of heat styling products and sulphate or alcohol based hair products. Not only will these speed up the fading process, it will also further stress out your cuticles. Consider no heat hairstyles and using essential oils and natural shampoo brands like Natural World.

5 Embrace Change

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Fading is imminent, there’s no running away from that. Blues will turn grey, pinks into peach, and purples into silver so instead of fussing about what colours to move on to next, why not rock those faded shades like they were intentional!

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Why you should care

With great hair comes great responsibility!

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