11 Small Ways to Get Healthy in 2017

11 Small Ways to Get Healthy in 2017

Charmaine Kon by Charmaine Kon on Jan 4, 2017
Why you should care

So easy, it’s almost cheating.

Instead of making giant vows to your future self, try these simple habits that will put you on the right track to getting and staying healthy.

Let’s not make 2016’s mistake of setting ridiculous New Year’s resolutions like never sleeping late or abstaining from chicken nuggets. They key to sticking to these resolutions are setting realistic ones and then expecting obstacles, but carrying on anyway.

Here are 20 easy ones that will make a big difference:

1 Go to Bed

You make time to hang out with your favourite people and TV shows, so why not make time for sleep? Give sleep its due importance and set aside time to slumber. Eight hours is ideal for optimal brain and motor functioning.


Asian woman asleep2 Put Down Your Phone; Pick up a Book

Staring at the computer and at your mobile cooking game for too many hours a day is bad for your eyes, sleep quality, and posture. So put down your phone and read a book to sleep instead. Or better yet, have more face-to-face conversations with people – remember that?

3 Eat Your Cereal

Breakfast kick-starts your metabolism, helping you digest other food for the day better, which also helps prevent weight gain. If you have no time to spare, boil a couple of eggs, grab a slice of bread, or drink a glass of milk – it’ll give you a good energy boost too.

Woman glass of milk4 Workout on the Bed or at Work

There are quick, simple movements that you can do on the bed right after waking up, or at the office during lunch. Do a quick workout tutorial search on YouTube or get inspired here.

5 Wash Your Stinky Sheets

Your bed is your sanctuary. When you don’t wash your sheets regularly, they’re also sanctuaries for dry skin, bacteria, and bugs. This can give you things like allergies and breakouts. Refer to this washing guide to learn when and how to wash your bedding and other things.

6 Eat More…of the Right Things

Losing weight or keeping healthy is not necessarily about eating less, it’s about making better ratio choices. Instead of a plate full of rice with 2 pieces of string beans, cut your rice and fried foods (fats) portion in favour of more vegetables. Also eat enough meat and other forms of protein like tofu – they help repair your body, build muscle, and aid fat loss.

Balanced meal ratio

SOURCE: suppliesonthefly.com

7 Do a Regular Self-Check on Your Breasts

According to National Breast Cancer, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer and the second leading cause of death, amongst women. With stats like that, it’s about time we get into the habit of doing 5-minute self-checks. Make sure to do it several days after your period to rule out swelling or lumps caused by your period.

8 Run Away for a Week

…or two! Learn to take vacations or just breaks from work to ease stress and anxiety. Too much stress affects both your physical and mental health in ways that your future self will hate you for. So, switch off when you can, and that includes after work and over the weekends.

9 Prep Your Meals

Prepping your meals for the week over the weekend gives you more control over what you eat. Instead of giving in to a pizza delivery order on Tuesday night after working late, you can go home to a balanced meal. Plus, it’s a good way to save money for that vacation you’ll be taking!

Meal prep containers

SOURCE: buzzfeed.com

10 Break Up With Your Snooze Button

Setting your alarm a whole hour before you’re supposed to wake up then snoozing until then affects your sleep quality. The longer your body sleeps, the more sleep cycles it goes through, and the more rested it is. Breaking up your sleep leaves you feeling unrested, lethargic, and like a total Cranky Pants. So, make time for sleep, and set your alarm exactly when you’re due to wake up.

11 Chew Your Food

…is what your mom used to tell you, and like with everything else, she’s right. Thoroughly chewing your food slows down your eating. Eating slowly gives your body time to register that it’s full, preventing overeating. Plus, all that time in between can be spent chatting to the other people at the table, and not on your phone.

Why you should care

So easy, it’s almost cheating.

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