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It’s your big day and there’s no better time to show off your favourite asset. Here are simple workouts to make them camera ready!

You’ve searched your whole life for The One, and finally you’ve said “I do” to the perfect backless mermaid dress. Now how do you look your best in it?

We know embarking on a full fledged fitness journey can be too much to handle so close to the wedding. So here are some easy workouts to tone those areas that you will be flaunting the most.

Show Off Your Shoulders

off shoulder wedding gown

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It’s all about the neckline when it comes to baring your shoulders. Ladies, if you’re planning on wearing a strapless gown or off-the-shoulder-dresses then it’s time to start defining your upper body.

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Take notes from Nana Al Haleq, whose defined and toned shoulders are to-die-for!

Aiming for the Arms

There is a myriad of options for brides who want to want to flaunt their arms. If your wedding frock is sleeveless, you’ll want to lock and load those guns before your big day.

Georgina Poh’s regime will help you tone those arms and keep all eyes on you.

Baring the Bounty

Ladies, if you’ve got it then flaunt it! Chest baring dresses can often be quite daunting but when done right, they can be exquisite. If you’re confident of your cleavage and just want that extra boost without the added padding, then get ready for some chest exercises.

Take a few lessons from Jasmine Danker in getting those assets camera ready.

Abs(olutely) Stunning
midriff baring wedding dress

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If you’re an unconventional bride and have opted for the two-piece wedding attire, then we applaud you. It can be a scary task baring your midriff but what better way to flaunt your abs of steel.

Get your tummy toned for that special day with tips from fitness princess, Georgina Poh who showcases her ab-tastic figure in crop tops and bikini’s.

Killer Legs

Brides often stay away from short dresses but if you’ve got legs for miles then show off those stems, girl! For short or high-low hemlines that accentuate your legs, pick up Fay Hokulani’s leg workout and strut down the aisle with confidence.

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Baby Got Back
trumpet wedding dress

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A scooped back with fit and flair skirts flaunt your booty as you walk away from all the frogs you’ve kissed and into the arms of Mr. Charming. These gown styles are guaranteed to turn heads but they come with a price, squats to be exact. Many, many of them.

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We know butt exercises can be a pain in the derriere but Linora Low shows you just how to get it done.

Bringing Sexy Back

Flatter your toned and sexy back with backless or plunging back dresses. If you’ve got that statement dress that accentuates your back, regardless if it’s bare or covered in lace, it’s time to sneak in those quick and easy back exercises.

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Nana Al Haleq shows you how it’s done with her gym regime.

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Why you should care

It’s your big day and there’s no better time to show off your favourite asset. Here are simple workouts to make them camera ready!

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