6 Better Ways to Satisfy That Sweet Tooth

6 Better Ways to Satisfy That Sweet Tooth

Harmini Asokumar by Harmini Asokumar on Jan 23, 2016
Why you should care

We’re here to help you limit your sugar cravings to your cheat days!

You know you’ve got it bad when the bar of chocolate sitting in your fridge seems like it’s calling out your name. The sugar craving struggle is real.

Research shows that sugar is addictive but the great news is, it’s an addiction that can be managed! We love our spoonfuls of sugar but it makes you feel fatigued, suppresses your immune system, and throws weight-loss diets out the window. With a little discipline and some know-how’s, here are ways to break those sweet, sweet cravings.

1 Serotonin Story

Most times we crave sugar when we need a little pick me up after a bad day. This is because it helps with the serotonin, our happiness hormone (the one that makes you feel good). While it’s an easy pick-me-up, it doesn’t last long, and it certainly doesn’t outweigh its disadvantages. Instead of turning to sugar, you can boost this hormone with exercise and quality sleep. Keep in mind that the effects of exercise and sleep last longer and improve your general wellbeing too.

2 Natural Sweet Foods

couple with fruitsSweets are not just reserved for sugar; you can satisfy your sweet tooth with healthy alternatives. Try fresh fruits instead. If you’re craving for ice cream, try a fruit yogurt or drizzle honey on your greek yogurt. That way, you’ll get all your vitamin and energy boosts while curbing your cravings.

3 Drink Up

Sometimes dehydration can make your body crave something sweet. Water curbs not only sugar cravings but also what feels like hunger pangs. It keeps your body nourished and keeps your skin and hair healthy too. Alternatively, you can also drink green tea which also acts as an anti-oxidant.

4 Load Up On Greens

veggiesAs vegetables are high in complex carbohydrates, they break down steadily over a period of time to provide energy in the form of sugars. By munching on veggies, you keep your sugar cravings at bay. Try sweet potatoes, carrots, and butternut squashes which work great lightly salted and peppered, then roasted. What’s more, you’ll get your dose of Vitamin C and fibre.

5 Stabilise Your Blood Sugar Level

Eat 3 complete meals a day but make sure that these meals are nutritious, balanced, and healthy to keep your blood sugar level in tact. To avoid feeling lethargic, make it a point to keep your evening meal lighter and gluten-free.

6 Mind Over Matter

Discipline is key! You’ll need to resist temptations and work towards being more deliberate with choosing healthy options for your daily diets. When you feel like you “need” something sweet, drink some water or grab a fruit instead. Meditation helps but only if you’ve set your mind to your health goals. You’ll thank yourself once you get there!

Why you should care

We’re here to help you limit your sugar cravings to your cheat days!

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