Gym Bag Weighing You Down? We Trim Your Beauty Essentials

Gym Bag Weighing You Down? We Trim Your Beauty Essentials

Why you should care

Don’t let a bulky gym bag ruin your look – we help you trim down your beauty essentials.

You may be going to the gym to lift weights, but that don’t mean you need to lug your gym bag everywhere – trim your kit down to the bare essentials.

Here’s all you need to take you from office to gym to cheat day cake to office again!

Get a Bag That Does it All

Start off with a gym bag that’ll pull double duty, like the ultra-hip Essentials Bag from the Adidas by Stella McCartney collection that comes with a laptop compartment. It’s cute enough to go with your everyday outfits and prevents public wrestling with your numerous totes, which is totes awks. Shop it at any Adidas store.

Adidas by Stella McCartney bag


Hop on the Athleisure Trend

Wear your fitness gear to the office instead! Cotton On Active and Malaysian brand Ash Be Nimble have stylish and affordable leggings and tops that can take you through your day. Alternatively, don an all-black outfit that can be topped off with a flattering tunic or cardigan for a more formal setting.

dress with nike sneakers


Keep a lightweight outfit like a tank dress – and fresh undies, thank you – in your bag for days when you’re heading elsewhere after your workout. Finish your look with thong sandals or up your street style cred by putting your gym shoes back on.

Opt for Lightweight Items

Most gyms come with drinking fountains and free towel services, but these are not areas we’d advise you to skimp on. Staying hydrated throughout your workout is important to prevent dry skin (and dehydration, of course) while exercising in an air-conditioned space.

Look for slim oblong bottles or bottles that collapse when not in use. Instead of gym towels that are a hotbed for yucky germs, opt for quick dry microfiber towels that are lightweight, antibacterial, and gentle on your skin.

collapsible bottle


Pre-Workout Prep

Sweat mixed with makeup is not a good look, and it’s an invitation for acne. Keep a travel-size makeup remover or wipes handy to clean your face before you step on the treadmill. Find the right makeup remover for your needs here.

Give those underarms a good lashing of deodorant as well because bad body odour is a big gym no-no. Avoid deodorant mishaps by finding the perfect deodorant for you; you don’t want unsightly white streaks in your pits when you lift your arms in the warrior pose.

Workout Hair

Pack hair ties and bobby pins in an old pill box for a quick French braid or updo that you can pull off in 5 minutes – messy top knots are easy peasy but can come undone during particularly vigorous workouts. A non-slip sports headband or tiny braid for your bangs and flyaways is also important to keep sweaty, greasy hair out of your face.

Post-Workout Skincare

Here are the important stuff:

Hand sanitiser – You’ve laid hands where thousands of other sweaty hands have gone before you; you don’t want to transfer any of these stuff to your face.

Exfoliating or anti-acne face wash – Sweating can clog your pores and lead to breakouts so make sure you cleanse your face thoroughly even if you skip the showers.

Wipes – Mio Skincare Clean Slate Workout Wipes are larger than ordinary wipes, and come in handy when you’ve had a light workout and just need some freshening up. They’re available at Mio Skincare’s online store.

Mio Skincare Clean Slate Wipes


Face mist: If you’re like most of us, your skin is still going “RAHH I’m an elliptical warrior RAHH” after your workout and shower. Skip the heavy moisturisers and go for a couple of quick spritzes of face and body mist instead – we love Hadanomy’s Collagen Mist – we love Hadanomy’s Collagen Mist which you can get online from YesStyle.

Travel size shower gel: Get travel bottles from Daiso and fill them with your shower gel and hair supplies.

Post-Workout Hair

Avoid washing your hair every day as this strips your hair of its good natural oils. Instead, pack a dry shampoo like Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk which soaks up oil, sweat, and grease and adds shine and volume. You can also skip the shampoo and go straight to a cleansing conditioner which cleanses and nourishes while keeping your natural oils intact.

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo


A leave-in styling mousse or beach spray works wonders on limp hair for days when you do shampoo. Forget flat irons and hair brushes; just work and twist your product in for some loose waves.

Don’t forget your shower cap!

Post-Workout Makeup

Skip the foundation and bronzers for a tinted moisturiser or CC cream, brow set, and lip stain. Work that post-workout glow!

Why you should care

Don’t let a bulky gym bag ruin your look – we help you trim down your beauty essentials.

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