Why you should care

Anyone can rock the undercut… yes, even you.

Think ‘girls with undercuts’ and you probably picture free-spirited punk goddesses like Ruby Rose, Willow Smith, or Demi Lovato. We’re here to show you that anyone can rock the undercut… yes, even you.

An undercut is a hairstyle where the hair on the back (and sometimes sides!) of your head is cut short or buzzed off, while the top part retains its length. The thought of shaving off any part of your head may seem scary, but the beauty of the undercut is that it goes with just about any style.

Sweet and Simple

Beginner’s tip: The undercut is not for the faint-hearted. Keep your top length long enough that you can style it in different ways.

To prevent meltdowns at the salon, we suggest doing the chop in stages: instead of a clean shave, ask your stylist to use a clipper guard to give you a quarter of an inch to an inch of length. You can also ask for a taper or fade for a less severe look – this simply means that your hair is shortened gradually from the top to bottom. If you like how the shorter parte looks, you can always go back to take it all the way!

We love the adventurous undercuts out there, but we’ve also got a special place in our hearts for these everyday cuts with an edgy twist.

The Pixie

The edgy pixie (seen here on Scarlett Johansson) is a jack of all trades – it can go from demure to daring in a flip, literally. Typically, this cut has shaved sides and back with a dramatic side part that you can comb down for a softer look. Keep our tips for beginners in mind if you’re going super short!

pixie undershave

SOURCE: redcarpet-fashionawards.com

The Bob

A short bob paired with a peekaboo undercut gives you just the right air of danger – it’s kinda like wearing a black leather jacket with a cute summer dress. This is a great cut if you’re a fan of daintier Korean-style bobs.

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Long Hair

This is the ultimate fail-safe – with just a flip of your longer sections; now you see it, now you don’t. If you want to jazz up your look without the long term commitment, this is it!

To be safest, keep the undercut at your nape, along the bottom of your hairline. This way, your undercut can grow out away from prying eyes once you’re done with it. For a less safe look, do a side shave!

long hair undershave

SOURCE: flickr user paului

Work, Work, Work

Not all workplaces will take your new rock star alter ego well. Fret not! Here are some quick styling tips for the office. We’re borrowing most of our short hair looks from Scarlet Johansson so you can see just how versatile this cut is.

Side-Swept Look

To get this style, part your hair so that your top length covers your side cut (if you have one). Use a lifting spray and blow dry your hair away from your scalp to give it volume and shape. Finish with a little styling cream or hair wax.

side swept pixie undershave

SOURCE: cosmopolitan.co.uk

Lightly Tousled

Back comb your hair to give it some lift. Then use a flat iron to style it up and back (or front, or all ways, because messiness is key) before tousling it with hair wax.

Scarlett Johansson short hair

SOURCE: gotceleb.com

Slicked Back

This is a look that shows ‘em who’s boss. (That’s you.) Apply straightening cream liberally to your hair. Then blow dry up and back for a lifted, rounded shape.

scarlett johansson pixie cut

SOURCE: stylehuntercollective.com.au


Soft waves and curls take a blunt look a few notches down. Curl your hair, then run your fingers through your hair with wax to give it lift and volume.


Top knots are so much lazy fun, but we adore the chignons that Rosamund Pike rocked on the red carpet a while back. This is a great way to wear up your hair in this weather without drawing too much attention to your buzzed nape.

rosamund pike Chignon undercut

SOURCE: ladynape.blogspot.com

Braids, Twists, and Updos

Getting an undercut doesn’t mean you have to forgo your favourite Youtube tutorials or trends. In fact, an undercut can accentuate some of your favourite styles.

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Your undercut adds dimension to a glamourous ‘do for a wedding or just because.

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Fake it If You Can’t Make It

Maybe the undercut just isn’t for you. Fake a side shave instead! To do this, create a dramatic side part all the way down to the nape of your neck. Clip your hair up to keep it out of the way. French braid the small portion of hair you have left over from your hairline to your nape, then secure it with an elastic band. Spritz your hair with some spray, and you’re ready to go!

side swept braid

SOURCE: millennialmama.ca

Cover image from YouTube user Linda Lu.

Why you should care

Anyone can rock the undercut… yes, even you.

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