Why You Should Break up With Your Favorite Pair of Heels

Why You Should Break up With Your Favourite Pair of Heels

Kar Kei Wong by Kar Kei Wong on May 3, 2016
Why you should care

“But… we look so good together!” Here’s why you two just can’t be.

High heels are great because they make your legs look extra long. But we’ve got a case for why you should kick them aside.

Aching, soreness, and blisters. Familiar? Here’s why you should reconsider heels:

  • You can run but you can’t hide. Except, you can’t even run!

Tripping in Heels

The risk of falling is so much higher! High heels will slow you down and in the case of an emergency (e.g. fire, late for a meeting, and pop-up sale at the mall), won’t be very practical. Bumpy pavements or slopes may just send you tumbling!

  • No rest for the weary

High heels aren’t the most comfortable shoes to walk in and you have to deal with blisters and callouses when they come off! What’s worse? Your most comfortable shoes may be a tad less comfy thanks to your new pains!

  • You’d be trippin’ – literally!

Are you an infamous klutz amongst your friends? Well, your heels may be to blame! They offer your feet no support and push your weight forward. It also increases your risk of nerve damage and cultivate poor posture for some. As if that’s not enough, throw in back, ankle, and knee problems to your high heels’ repertoire.

  • Cutting you out from under

Are you wearing high heels to see eye-to-eye with your friends? Well, bad news: in the long term, they shorten your Achilles tendon and back muscles, making you even shorter than before!

Not ready to break up with that sexy, strappy pair yet?

That’s okay – you don’t have to give them up completely! Just follow these tricks to minimise the consequences.

  • Buy the right size

This especially applies to pointed, closed toe pairs. Allow ample wiggle room for the toes to avoid putting undue pressure on them.

  • Opt for wedges

Get your balance on point with the same added height! They provide more support than stilettos.


SOURCE: theiconic.com

  • Get soft insoles

Your mysterious knee problem will disappear when you take some pressure off them.

  • Do away with those extra couple of inches

While they may not stomp the room, the best heels are no taller than 1.5 inches. Luckily, kitten heels are back on trend!

  • Plan your wears

Be smart about wearing those 6-inch heels! Sport them only when you know that there will be little walking or standing around. Got an event you just must wear heels to? Bring along an emergency pair of comfy shoes so you can slip them on while you’re traveling to and fro!

We know breaking up with your sparkly stilettos is easier said than done. But take baby steps with pointy-toe flats instead – they elongate your legs without the high heel. #win

Lace up pointed toe flats

SOURCE: rebeccajuddloves.com

Why you should care

“But… we look so good together!” Here’s why you two just can’t be.

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