The beginner's guide to running

The Beginner’s Guide to Running

Simone Camy by Simone Camy on Jan 5, 2016
Why you should care

If you’re thinking of getting into the habit of running, make sure you read this first!

Just throw on a pair of sneakers and head out the door. That simple, right? Nope! 

This is for beginners who want to start running. As easy as a 20-minute run may sound, there’s more to it. There are things you need to prep yourself for, and obstacles you may face. So here are tips for the road ahead!

1 Plan Your Location

If you’re planning to run outdoors, remember to plan your route beforehand. Knowing the distance, resistance, and type of path means that you get to wear the right shoes and pack your bags with the proper paraphernalia.

2 Set Realistic Goals

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If it’s your first or first few runs, set realistic goals. Sure, 5km seems doable at first, but it’s better to start small and work your way up. Don’t shock your body with what may turn out to be a torturous run. As time goes by, you can gradually up your goals. It’s also good to pace yourself – sprinting may get you to the finish line faster, but it will also get you a lot more tired and drained in a much shorter distance.

3 Hydrate

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If you’re not really up for carrying a bottle around while running, be sure to drink a lot before you run and rehydrate right after. Keeping hydrated retains your energy, making it an easier run. Don’t go on for more than 30 minutes during a run without drinking water.

4 Food: Before & After

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Eating before a workout gives you maximum energy: take high-carbohydrate snacks about an hour before you head out for your run to avoid that mid-run hunger pang .

It’s also important to pack a snack you can chomp on after your workout. Depending on how hard you push during the run, you might find yourself hungry at the end of it. Keep an apple or a banana in handy for a quick refuel.

5 Stay Comfortable

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Wearing the right attire for a run is important. While it doesn’t seem like that big a deal, it really does affect how your run goes. Be particular when it comes to shoes. Be sure to get shoes which are both fitting and comfortable, and suitable for running. As for your clothes, if like us, you have tropical weather all year round, wear something light and airy for your skin to easily breathe and sweat.

6 Get A Friend

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Find yourself a friend to start running with – it’s one of the best ways to keep yourself motivated. Get a friend with a similar fitness level and set goals for yourselves. That bit of competition also helps with the likelihood of you reaching your goals!

7 Track your progress

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Find an app on your phone and a fitness band to track your running progress. With actual progress data, you’re more likely to stay motivated. We like the Mi Band because it’s useful and affordable!

What are you waiting for? Time to get running!

Why you should care

If you’re thinking of getting into the habit of running, make sure you read this first!

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