Why you should care

How to survive and slay in a world made for right handers.

It can be a struggle when all you want to do is curl your lashes but every lash curler you find was made with a right hander in mind.

To help you left-handed beauties the world over, we’re divulging tips and tricks to make putting on makeup and skincare just a tad bit easier.

1 Stick to Eyeliner Pencils and Gels

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Although eyeliner pens are super convenient and nifty, they were designed with a right-hander in mind. Since you start drawing from the outer part in on your left eye, angled eyeliner pens could produce a bumpy and uneven line. Use a basic eyeliner pencil to line your eyes and consider the eyeliner stamps for the smudge-free cat eye!

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2 Avoid Electric Mascara Wands and Lash Curlers

We know you’ve probably been tempted to pick up one of these to make your beauty regime that much shorter and easier. Sorry to break it to you, but these were designed to roll outward. So, if you were to use your left hand, it rolls inwards and basically just leaves your lashes in a mess.

3 Invest in Straight Tip Brushes

Angled brushes are great for when you want that flick to be on fleek but they too were made to move inwards. Unless you have mastered the art of working from inwards to outwards on your left and in reverse on your right, we suggest you use straight-tipped brushes as they’re good for either hand.

4 Learn from a Leftie

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With only 10% of the world’s population being left handers, it’s hard to find someone who understands your struggles but fret not, we’ve found you a fellow leftie, Mary Greenwell and ambidextrous beauty Bethany Mota who can help steer you through makeup and beauty tips.

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Why you should care

How to survive and slay in a world made for right handers.

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