Are you making yourself look older with your makeup?

Are You Making Yourself Look Older With Your Makeup?

Harmini Asokumar by Harmini Asokumar on Feb 6, 2016
Why you should care

Makeup can make or break a look. Find out if your daily makeup routine is adding years to your age!

While health is key to looking and feeling young, how you dress, style your hair, and do your makeup can age or take years off your look.

As we age, it can become quite challenging to adapt to trends and styles that work with our lifestyles. Our skin also loses elasticity and starts revealing…gaspwrinkles. Since time isn’t really on our side, we thought we’d share common makeup mistakes that tend to make us look older. Find out what they are and what to do instead!

1 Say No To Dramatic Eyeliner

Black, dramatic eye liner is beautiful and sexy, but not so much when it’s overdone. It draws too much attention to the eyes and more often than not, enhances flaws you want to hide, such as dark eye circles and wrinkles.

Tip: You can opt for a dark brown liner instead as it’ll give you a softer look. More isn’t always better, sometimes you need to do less for a better effect. Also, use a pencil liner as it’s softer and gives a more natural, flawless look. Alternatively, you can use a bold colour for a little bit of fun. If you want something less obvious, use mascara instead. It’ll make it look effortlessly attractive.

2 Eyebrow Game Strong

Eye makeup

Never underestimate the importance of good eyebrows! Eyebrows with severe arches can make you look a little older.

TIP: Straighter brows make you look younger – think Korean brows. Use a powder-based eyebrow kit to fill in or draw your eyebrows to keep them looking neat, natural and well-defined.

3 Flawless Foundation

Foundation helps even out your skin tone, giving it a more flawless finish. However, using too much of it can give you a cakey appearance and emphasise the lines around your forehead and mouth.

TIP: Scout for a good foundation that not only suits your skin tone but also adds a natural glow. Try Korean foundation cushions like the ones from Innisfree and Etude House – they make your complexion look bright and dewy, which gives you a more youthful look.

4 Blush It Right

Don’t over-do blush application, but don’t underplay it either. If you apply your blush too high on your cheekbones, it gives you a more serious and matured look.

TIP: For a more innocent look, apply your blush towards the bottom half of the apple of your cheeks. This mimics more of a flush than blusher that’s applied higher on your cheekbones. Be careful not to apply them too low on your cheeks as it might give your cheeks a droopier appearance.

5 Heavy Makeup No-No

We’re all at least a little guilty of this. We think that by applying more makeup, we are able to better hide our flaws. This is untrue and not only does it look worse, it ages you.

TIP: Don’t attempt to fill in the fine lines with a thick layer of concealer but instead moisturise and use a primer before putting on your make up. This is especially crucial for the eye area as the skin tends to be delicate and sensitive.

Why you should care

Makeup can make or break a look. Find out if your daily makeup routine is adding years to your age!

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