Fake It Till You Make It: Better Brows

Fake it till You Make it: Better Brows

Charmaine Kon by Charmaine Kon on Jan 6, 2016
Why you should care

Not all of us are blessed with great eyebrows. So here’s how to fake it!

Eyebrows have a bad reputation for being too tricky to draw and are often seen as inconsequential. Poor eyebrows.

In actual fact, a good eyebrow game offers the illusion of a better face shape and acts as a pretty frame! Read on for tricks to getting better brows.

1 Pencil or Powder

Benefit eyebrow pencil

SOURCE: jadeisabelle.com

Benefit Instant Brow Pencil available at Benefit or Sephora stores.

If you’re new at drawing your brows and need a little more control, use a pencil! Not sure what brows would look good on your face? Try this cheat: visit a Benefit store and get your eyebrows professionally shaped and waxed.

Then, just outline according to the shape of your brows and fill them in with light strokes. For a lighter and more feathery look, try an eyebrow palette with a brush.

2 Eyebrow Mascara

This is handy for defining your eyebrow hairs, especially if you have naturally sparse brows. For those with lighter hair colour, a lighter eyebrow mascara lightens your eyebrows so you can match them with your #blondehairdontcare!

heavy rotation coloring eyebrow

SOURCE: pinkoolaid.com

Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow available at Sasa stores.

Simply sweep the mascara wand in the direction of your hair growth for fuller looking brows.

3 Eyebrow Gel

MAC eyebrow gel

SOURCE: popsugar.com

MAC Cosmetics’ Brow Set available at MAC Cosmetics’ stores.

Brow gels keep your brow hairs in place, making them pop while looking groomed. If you have fuller eyebrows, just an eyebrow gel will do for lazy days. Otherwise, couple it with an eyebrow pencil for a foolproof formula.

4 Draw the Hairs

draw eyebrowsFor fuller, more natural looking brows, draw the hairs in individually using an eyebrow pencil or brush. To do this, make short and light strokes following your hair growth. Start off with as little pressure as possible, and adjust your drawing pressure as you go.

5 Powder Around Your Brows

Once your eyebrows are nicely drawn, use a fluffy brush to powder the areas around your brows for neater looking brows. You can also use a highlighter pencil to highlight the area beneath your eyebrow. For extra pop, add a sideways V-shape to the inner corner of your eyes.

Why you should care

Not all of us are blessed with great eyebrows. So here’s how to fake it!

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