How To Choose The Perfect Red Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

How to Choose the Perfect Red Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

Yee Lin Thum by Yee Lin Thum on Feb 8, 2016
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Red lipstick never fails. Find out how to pick the perfect shade for your skin tone!

Red lipstick is a classic beauty darling, the LBD of the makeup world, if you will. It makes something as dull as running an errand seem chic.

With the right shade of red, your look can change instantly from drab to fab. This is also scary, because the wrong shade of red will spell disaster for your desired look.

There are many shades of red out there, so how do you choose the one which complements you best? Because let us tell you now, that classic celebrity red you’re coveting, may not be the best fit for you. It’s imperative that you choose a red lipstick that flatters your complexion. Not to worry – we have below a list of red lipstick shades and the guide for four major skin tones that will match them.

To know your skin’s undertones, look at the veins in your wrist. If they are blue-ish, you have cool (a.k.a. pink or red) skin undertones. If they are green-ish, then you have warm (a.k.a. yellow or olive) skin undertones. If you can’t really tell if your veins are more dominantly blue or green, then you likely have neutral (a mix of cool and warm) skin undertones.

My Fair Lady

Cherry Coloured Lipstick


People with fair skin tend to shy away from red lipsticks because of the perception that their red lips will stand out too much. If this is you, try a subtler yet equally sultry, berry red. Cranberry and cherry reds are wonderful choices for complementing your fair skin.

To make your lips pop and your teeth glow white, stick to blue-based berry red lipstick. This is especially true if you have cool undertones. If you have warm undertones, your best bet would be peachy-pink or orangey-red lipsticks.

Don’t choose red lipsticks that are super bright, or too deeply coloured (like browns or dark wines) because they are too intense for your skin tone and might make your face look washed out.


Red Coloured Lipstick


Olive skin tones are the exception to having one skin undertone, as they are usually a mixture of both cool and warm undertones. Because you have neutral undertones, you can pull off virtually any shade of red out there!

The best fit for you would be yellow or orange-based red lipstick. A beautiful striking red with some hints of blue to counteract the skin’s yellow tone will also look absolutely gorgeous on you.

Other great colour options are cranberry, wine, and deep pink. If you’re feeling adventurous, go for a deeper red with an orange base to show off that sexy pout of yours.

Caramel Twist

aishwarya rai red coloured lipstick


You can pull off most shades of red, but you should avoid lighter reds, as they’ll make your skin look dull. Swipe on some coral or true red lipstick to help enhance your creamy caramel skin.

If you have cool undertones, it’s best to stick with blue-based red lipsticks.

For warm undertones, go for orange-based red lipsticks to help enhance the warm glow of your face. Avoid a red that’s leaning towards brown because it will make your face look subdued, and that’s not what you want with red lipstick!

Dark Chocolate Goodness

mindy kaling lipstick


The best thing about having yummy chocolate skin is that you can pull off even the brightest of reds! You’re also one of the lucky few that can get away with an orange-based red lipstick. The key is to wear minimal makeup so as to not create an overwhelming look.

The only shades of red lipstick that you should stay away from are light reds because they are too light for your complexion.

A deep burgundy or wine red lipstick colour will look naturally beautiful on you. If you have cool undertones, go with blue-based red lipsticks for that added oomph.

Chestnut or brown red lipsticks are terrific choices for warm undertones because they complement your complexion as well as milk with cookies.

Why you should care

Red lipstick never fails. Find out how to pick the perfect shade for your skin tone!

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