Strange Beauty Trends Courtesy of the Year 2016

Strange Beauty Trends Courtesy of the Year 2016

Charmaine Kon by Charmaine Kon on Dec 26, 2016
Why you should care

Fake freckles, contoured cleavage, and furry claws. Thank you, I guess?

We don’t have to wait for our future teenage kids to tell us that these trends are outrageous. We know them now.

Which ones do you think will last till 2017 and beyond?

Glitter Pits, Glitter Brows, Glitter Errthang

You know how glitter gets on everything? This year, it did just that, only purposefully. The internet saw glitter gracing underarm hair, brows, beard, and hair parting.

glitter eyebrow gold


100 Layers of Nail Polish

YouTuber Simply Nailogical started the “100 Layers of…” trend by painting 100 layers of nail polish, creating nail polish mountains on her nails.

100 layers of nail polish


Other YouTubers caught onto the trend and followed suit with their versions of 100 layers of hair extensions, lipsticks, foundation, and more before Jenna Marbles blew everyone out of the water with her Ultimate 100 Coats of Things Video. There, she piles on 100 layers of false eyelashes, nail polish, foundation, spray tan, liquid lipstick, and hair spray.

You can watch that beautiful disaster here.

Fake Freckles

As the freckles are always cuter on the other side, some online beauty gurus created tutorials on how to draw your own freckles. This trend even extended to metallic and coloured freckles.

Okay, we’ll admit, these are bizarre, but actually kinda…cute.

Hair Stencil
Hair stencil colouring


Californian hairstylist, Janine Ker started the hair stencil trend. Ker is known for her colourful Instagram profile where she posts pictures of clients sporting her gorgeous hair colouring work.

Like the true artist she is, Ker expanded the art of hair colouring by drawing and spray-painting on hair! The internet loved it.

Furry Nails

Like many things, furry nails walked down a fashion runway one day, and then appeared on Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest the next day.

nail fur


The trend manifested in different variations, like the more toned down accent fluff nail. That’s a sentence we never thought we’d string together.

A photo posted by Mela Martinez (@_mela_boop) on

Besides the fur and the fluff, there’s also the pom pom.

A photo posted by FIMELA GIRL (@fimelagirl) on

Spider Lashes

You know this look – the one you get when your mascara is drying out, giving you clumpy, stuck together lashes.

Spider eyelashes


What was once a sign from the universe to replace your mascara is now a coveted look at lash salons.

Boob Contouring

Contouring exploded into the beauty scene, thanks to Kim K’s vocal devotion for the makeup technique that creates depth and shadows on the face using dark contour colours and light highlights.

While it was Kim K who brought it to popular culture, the technique was actually a long-used drag (man dressed as women) entertainer makeup essential. And you know what else the mainstream beauty world nicked from drag queens this year? Boob contouring!

Boob contouring technique


Because why should makeup only enhance the face? Excuse me while I grab a brush.

Boob contouring after


Funky Highlighter

This was the year for all things contour and highlight. Highlighters entered with a few extraordinary trends such as rainbow, holographic, and mermaid realness.

Mermaid highlight makeup


Lip Applique

Stickers for your lips became a thing this year, with one notable brand called Violent Lips. Emoji, sprinkles, flowers, flags, and all the designs you can think…on your puckers!

A photo posted by Miss Michelle (@missmlafrance) on

lip applique


Cover image from YouTube user beckii.

Why you should care

Fake freckles, contoured cleavage, and furry claws. Thank you, I guess?

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