Nail art now: the latest updates on classic looks

Nail Art Now: the Latest Updates on Classic Looks

Pooiyee Goh by Pooiyee Goh on Feb 12, 2016
Why you should care

Don’t get caught with outdated nail art styles. Check out the updated looks for these classic styles!

French manicures, ombres, and glitter nails – you’ve heard of them. But with the constantly evolving nature of fashion and beauty, did you know that they’ve updated their looks?

It’s hard to keep up with the dos and don’ts of contemporary nail styles. That’s why we do it for you. Here are the latest interpretations of these classics:

1 Odd Bling Out

Glitter NailSequins, shimmer and all that bling have been on the nail radar for quite some time and will probably be around for years to come. Past glitter trends have seen ten-nail shimmer and glitter tips. For an updated look, paint just 1 or 2 nails in the same or different glitter colour for that odd one out look. Choose colours from the same or opposing side of the colour wheel to ensure that they match. Shimmery nails are fun, festive, and a great addition to amp up any manicure.

2 Updated Frenchie
Pink french nails


A classic french manicure oozes class and sophistication, but nothing says fun like neon colours! Paint a nude or transparent base, then select a neon tip colour for that subtle style statement. Add on little embellishments for extra personality to the otherwise simple nail style.

3 Ombre Stories
Blue ombre nails


Ombre colours are gorgeous! The way the gradients mix, match, and blend can create depth and texture on your nails. Do an ombre effect on each nail, or opt for a 5-nail gradient effect (see header picture) by selecting the lightest colour for the thumb or pinky. Then, choose a shade darker for the next nail, an even darker shade for the nail after that, and so on. For an updated look, select 3 or 4 colours with the lightest colour being white. By underlining (instead of creating a brush effect) the darkest colour on the nail area closest to your cuticle, you get a clean, modern look like the one in this picture!

4 Matte Magic
Green matte nails


Matte lipstick is all the rage, and so are matte nails. It’s subtle, pretty, and oh-so-now. Update it by doing a matte french manicure with a shiny tip. The contrast looks stunning.

5 Shattered Glass Art
broken glass nail art


Holographic nails have definitely been on trend, but there’s a new take on it – the shattered mirror design! The idea is to replicate the look of…you guessed it: shattered glass! Not only is it beautiful and funky, it also stands out as an art piece. Do it as an odd nail out, on a couple of nails, or just go crazy on all 10 nails!

Why you should care

Don’t get caught with outdated nail art styles. Check out the updated looks for these classic styles!

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