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Nail inspo from New York’s Fall/Winter 2016 runways.

Rather than breaking the bank for those Fashion Week outfits, why not just steal the nail looks?

Here are our top picks on how you can nail the fall season.

Into the dark

Dark polishes are making a comeback the same way vampy lip hues are becoming high fashion. Veering from gothic and sinister to modern and glamorous, these dark shades were all over the Fall/Winter 2016 runways.

Rodarte Fall NYFW nails

SOURCE: nailitmag.com

We saw many shades of grey, dark purples, plums and black. Take cues from Rodarte, who not only used black polish but added a dark plum outline around the nail for that extra edge. For something subtler, try J. JS Lee’s method of incorporating simple black dots onto a naked nail.

J JS Lee Fall NYFW 2016 Nails

SOURCE: pauledmonds.com

Space Age

The negative space trend burst into the scene in 2015 and has since been appearing on runways year after year. Although not as loud and vibrant as the years before, negative space has taken a minimalistic turn while still staying on trend.

Rachel Antonoff Spring 2016 NYFW

SOURCE: theknockturnal.com

Un-coloured nail peeping through lacquered digits is a simple way to spruce up your look. Rachel Antonoff’s white tipped tic-tac-toe or ‘buku matematik’ inspired nails are a dream – chic and simple. We wrote about blank space nails and how you can rock them here

Going Marbles

The marble trend can be seen across the fashion spectrum, from designer tops to iPhone cases. The natural and neutral tones have a certain sense of elegance that make them so covetable!

Christian Soriano Fall 2016

SOURCE: petiteinthe.city

Christian Siriano drew nail inspiration from his collection, mixing colours and textures. The marble prints used were subtle and complex with neutral and vibrant tones.

Mean Metallics

Silvers and other metallic tones have been making its rounds on the runway this year, especially at more futuristic shows. These gleaming tones are sure to stand out.

Vivienne Westwood Fall 2016 Nails

SOURCE: L: popsugar.com; R: sonailicious.com

Metals are a head turner, you can either play it down with lighter more delicate shades or go big with chrome nails. Vivienne Westwood’s chrome covered digits definitely stole the show and our hearts. As it’s difficult to replicate on your own, we suggest you take this to your manicurist.

Drawing the Line

Adding lines and streaks to your manicure is a great way to stay chic without going overboard. The trend that has continued from Spring 2016 runways, compliments outfits nicely as they are simple yet add a touch of elegance.


SOURCE: L: thequeenofstyle.com R: thegoldenfleecemag.com

Go minimal for a maximum appeal just like Laquan Smith, adding gold stripes to taupe or Tracy Reese who played around with blank space and black lines. Our favourite, however, is Delpozo with a simple white line running down the centre of a naked nail, extending down the cuticle.

Delpozo NYFW Fall 2016

SOURCE: nailitmag.com

Graphic Content

Manicures are becoming works of art with these decals, wraps and specialists with steady hands creating tiny masterpieces. These quirky and cutting edge designs speak volumes, bringing back print and details from the 90’s.

Desigual, Kenzo and House of Holland all play with pretty prints.

Desigual Kenzo House of Holland

SOURCE: L: scoopnest.com; R: thefashionspot.com

While Creatures of Comfort and Rachel Antonoff take the more minimalistic route.

Rachel Antonoff Creatures of Comfort

SOURCE: L: elle.com R: nailitmag.com


Why you should care

Nail inspo from New York’s Fall/Winter 2016 runways.

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