Squad Nail Ideas for Your Bridal Party

Squad Nail Ideas for Your Bridal Party

Charmaine Kon by Charmaine Kon on Nov 23, 2016
Why you should care

Matchy nails with your best girls friends because you love them and it’s no secret.

Blood is thicker than water, but not as thick as matching nail polish. Express your love for your squad on your nails.

Whether you’re looking for nail ideas for a bachelorette party, for the wedding day, or you just want the Instagram world to know that you and your girls belong together, then these ones are for you.

Solid Colour and Glitter Variations

The good ol’ solid colour and glitter combo works because there’s so much room to play with!

Pick one solid colour polish and one glitter polish, and have each girlfriend paint it differently. Think accent nail, French tips, glitter tips, half moon designs, geometrical shapes, and more.

Blue nails glitter manicure

SOURCE: L: LuLus.com; R: nailsmag.com

Blue nails glitter lines

SOURCE: lifeworldwomen.blogspot.my

Blue nails glitter accent manicure

SOURCE: cuded.com

One Nail Art to Rule Them All

Unify your nails by picking one nail art that will appear on at least one of each of your nails. Hearts, ribbons, and laces are standard wedding fare. To stand out as the bride, make sure to add jewels or pick an exclusive colour.

Lace nail art manicure

SOURCE: L: Instagram user khuuphoria; R: blognailedit.co

Go for something unconventional like a rope design. Tying the knot, geddit?

Rope nail art manicure

SOURCE: T: blognailedit.blogspot.com; B: julep.com

These ones are for that badass bachelorette party.

Stud manicure

SOURCE: L: marce7ina.blogspot.my; R: thenailasaurus.com

Wedding Colour Theme

Why not wear the wedding colours on your nails? The matchy look will be great for photos.

Rock fun look is for a citrus themed wedding.

Spring orange nails

SOURCE: fairlycharming.blogspot.my

Brides and bridesmaids can also match their nails with their bouquets.

Bridal bouquet manicure

SOURCE: theknot.com

Other Classic Colours That Aren’t White

White is boring, and in certain cases exclusively reserved for the bride. As her best girlfriends, try different blushes. Classic and pretty.

Blush colour nails

SOURCE: L: my-wedding-ideas.com ; R: kissandmakeupsbeautyblog.com

Don’t forget metallic numbers like gold and silver – they match most, if not all skin colours, and are ready for all kinds of celebrations: bachelorette, girls’ night out, and the wedding!

Gold glitter manicure

SOURCE: polishgroupie.com

Say it Through Text

Paint your bachelorette party hashtag on your nails or “#teambride”, or pick a word that represents your favourite squad.

writing on nails

SOURCE: cuded.com

You could also show your team spirit by painting your school name, graduation year, or favourite sports team colours.

sports team nails

SOURCE: YouTube user Janelle Estep

Cover image from nailmania.wordpress.com.

Why you should care

Matchy nails with your best girls friends because you love them and it’s no secret.

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