Nail-biting facts about biting your nails

Nail-Biting Facts About Biting Your Nails

Harmini Asokumar by Harmini Asokumar on Jan 22, 2016
Why you should care

You’ve been warned! Here’s why you should stop biting your nails right now!

We’ve been told even as children that we shouldn’t bite our nails because it’s a dirty habit. Whether you do it unconsciously or deliberately, it just isn’t good for you…or your (quite literally) poor nails.

Need a reason to quit for good? We’ve got several that might just be chilling enough to have you rethink the habit!

1 Germs, Germs and More Germs


Your nails easily accumulate germs because your hands come into contact with so many things: doors, toilet seats, other people, and more. This means that biting your nails is like consuming mouthfuls of germs.

2 Infections Galore

When you bite your nails and cuticles, you are creating open wounds that are susceptible to germs and bacteria. These wounds are then susceptible to infections. Biting your nails further means that you unknowingly put your infected wounds into your mouth. Sounds gross? It really is!

3 Say Goodbye To Good Teeth

Prolonged nail biting can lead to weakened teeth. The wear and tear on your teeth can cause problems like chipping and crooked growth. This will result in costly repair in the form of braces, retainers, and tooth fillers. So save yourself from dental costs and cooky smiles by avoiding nail-biting.

4 Sign Of Weakness

Nail-biting gives you a sub-conscious distraction from a boring or nerve-wrecking situation. This means that when you bite your nails, the people around you are able to identify your boredom or anxiousness which leads to a poor first impression. Make a pact with yourself to curb this habit as it’s not only bad for your physical self, but can also be psychologically unhealthy. So, stahp, just stahp. Besides, imagine just how gorgeous your hands will look with well-manicured nails.

Why you should care

You’ve been warned! Here’s why you should stop biting your nails right now!

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