DIY textured nails that will make you look like a pro

DIY Textured Nails That Will Make You Look Like a Pro

Jing Shien Loy by Jing Shien Loy on Jan 7, 2016
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Easy ways to create textured nails at home!

Besides getting creative with different colours and designs, you can also play with texture for your nails.

Not only do they add interest to your talons, they also add dimension. Give these techniques a whirl to see which look works best for you!

1 Laced
Lace Nails


There’s something about lace that screams elegance and sexy vibes. Cut out small pieces of lace according to the shape of your nails. It doesn’t have to be the exact size and should be slightly bigger as you can trim the excess off after sticking it on. Paint a layer of nail polish, then paste the lace on it while it’s slightly wet. Cut around the edges for a better fit. Once done, add a layer of top coat to keep it in place.

2 Feathered

Stick On Feather Nails


Similar to the lace nails, this one actually uses real feathers. We suggest using really tiny feathers, or using the tips of bigger ones as those are usually softer and easier to work with. The sticking on and cutting process works the same as lace nails. However, be extra careful as feathers are delicate and can shift or tear easily.

2 Flaked

Pastel Confetti Nails


This is a really fun one with leeway for messy application. You can use glitter, confetti, or even metallic paper to create the texture. Stick on your flake of choice like how you would the lace and feather. You may need more than one top coat layer to keep the stick-ons intact. This one’s good for special occasions because of the shimmer!

3 Quilted

Quilted Texture Nails


To get quilted nails, paint 2 layers of your chosen colour. When it’s semi dry and gummy, use a strand of floss to imprint criss-cross lines on the nail to create a quilted effect. Once you’re done, apply top coat and embellish as you wish!

4 Matte
Matte Nails


Separate a few drops of nail polish on a mixing surface. Then, mix it with a pinch of corn starch. Work quickly to paint the mixture onto your nails. It may seem gloopy at first, but the colour will dry out smooth and matte.

Why you should care

Easy ways to create textured nails at home!

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