8 Common Skincare Myths Debunked

8 Common Skincare Myths: Debunked

Charmaine Kon by Charmaine Kon on Jan 11, 2016
Why you should care

Could the skincare advice you’ve been heeding actually damage your skin? Find out here.

We’ve all heard countless skincare advice; we’ve read about them online, heard about them in ads, or inherited them from our mothers. But are all of them true?

Here are some beauty myths you’ve taken to be true. However, they aren’t. Why? Because science.

Myth #1: A Dirty Face Causes Acne; so Wash, Wash, Wash!

Mild Face Cleanser
Don’t wash your face more than twice a day or with products that leave your skin dry and taut. By washing your face too frequently or with products that contain harsh chemicals, you end up stripping your skin of its natural oils which protect it from the bacteria that causes acne.

Myth #2: You Don’t Need to Apply Sunblock When the Sun’s Not Out

Sunblock protects your face from UV radiation. Whether it’s sunny or cloudy, you need to protect your face with sunblock. Even makeup with SPF contains insufficient protection when worn alone. Apply sunblock to shield your face from damage such as sun spots and wrinkles.

Myth #3: Facials Are Mandatory for Great Skin

Relaxing Facial
Depending on your skin type, facials might do your skin more harm than good. Frequent facial sessions might agitate your skin and the overworked skin might develop premature wrinkles. Having said that, facials that promote relaxation are not harmful when done in moderation and in accordance to your skins needs.

Myth #4: Frequent Scrubbing Gives you Smoother, Acne-free Skin

Facial exfoliation done in moderation is helpful to remove dead skin cells which promote the growth of acne-causing bacteria. However, overly frequent scrubbing can irritate the skin, causing you to have dry or eczema-prone skin. Be sure to listen to your skin and settle on a scrubbing routine that doesn’t make your skin feel dry or tingly.

If you already have dry skin, try using products that contain hydrating ingredients like grape seed oil.

Myth #5: It Doesn’t Matter When You Wash Your Face

Spoiler alert: it does! Make sure to wash off your shampoo and conditioner before you wash your face. By washing your face before you apply your hair products, you don’t get to rinse off the dirt or pore-clogging hair products that wash down from your hair.

Myth #6: Pimple-Popping is Okay as Long as You Do it With Clean Hands.

It’s tempting to pop your pimples but take it from us, don’t. The fact is, even if you pop your pimples with clean hands or sterilised tools, you’re damaging your skin. Even worse, you might accidentally scar yourself. So don’t do it – the long term damage definitely outweighs the short-term relief.

Myth #7: All Wrinkle Creams Erase Wrinkles

Wrinkle Eraser
Wrinkle creams that don’t contain retinoids cannot erase wrinkles. Most “wrinkle creams” only act as moisturisers. While a well-hydrated face is good prevention for early wrinkle formation, it cannot reverse wrinkles. As they say, youth really is fleeting!

Myth #8: You Only Need Anti-Aging Skincare Once You’ve Spotted Your First Wrinkle

Prevention is better than cure. From myth #7, we’ve learnt that it’s hard to erase a wrinkle, so why not prevent it? Start using anti-aging skincare long before the symptoms appear. The easiest way to do so? Sunscreen (see myth#2).

Why you should care

Could the skincare advice you’ve been heeding actually damage your skin? Find out here.

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