Why you should care

But you’ve probably fallen for at least half of these.

We’re setting the record straight on myths that are all too common.

There are thousands of tutorials on how to achieve a flawless face of makeup and along with those, come makeup rules that are totally unfounded.

Myth: Women with oily skin should avoid moisturisers.

oily skin

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Fact: Wrong! Oily skin is a result of excess sebum;your skin produces oil as a response to dryness. Cleaning and exfoliating your skin will strip it of its natural oils, while moisturising restores the much needed oils. So if you’ve been depriving your skin of moisturiser, you’re probably contributing to  oily skin – oh, the irony!

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Pro Tip: Try products that contain hyaluronic acid (Like Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream), it is known to capture a thousand times its weight in water thus keeping your skin soft and less greasy.

Myth: Not all women can pull of red lipstick.
shades of red lipstick

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Fact: This is utterly false! Ladies, don’t let arbitrary rules stop you from rocking a red lip. Red comes in so many different shades and saturation, so look for one that suits you Trust us it will become your instant fav!

red lipstick guide

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Pro Tip: Blue-red hues suit cooler tones and orange-reds look better on warmer tones.

Myth: Makeup makes you breakout.
problematic skin

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Fact: Makeup products are generally produced to cater to the wellbeing of your skin. Although the products themselves don’t cause reactions, constant build-up of product, clogged pores and contaminated or expired makeup can result in breakouts. Makeup products need to be stored in clean places and brushes need to be washed from time to time. You also need to remove your makeup thoroughly at the end of every day..

makeup brush

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Pro Tip: Makeup products have expiry dates so make sure you take note of how long you’ve had them for.

Myth: Swatch your wrist for the perfect foundation shade.
foundation shade

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Fact: We’re all guilty of this because testing colours on your wrist is easier (and more hygienic!) than doing it on our face. If you were to hold up your wrist to your face, it’s highly likely that the two areas vary in shade. This is because different parts of your body having varying levels of sun exposure. We suggest you test foundation shades on your jawline instead for more accurate colour representation.

Pro Tip: Have patience, try out as many colours (warm and cool tones) as possible. You’re likely to find your perfect shade after your third attempt.

Myth: It’s okay to share makeup.

makeup sharing

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Fact: Sharing is definitely not caring in this case. We know sometimes you have a girl’s night and you might want to lend your killer eyeliner to a girlfriend ,but tbh, it’s very bad for your skin. Bacteria spreads easily between cosmetic products. If your bff wants to try out your new eye shadow palette, then use different brushes. If you want to try her new lipstick, use an applicator or cotton bud.

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Pro Tip: You should only share makeup products if they don’t have direct physical contact with another person. Use your own makeup brushes and sponges to apply borrowed makeup.

Why you should care

But you’ve probably fallen for at least half of these.

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