Beauty Innovations That Changed Everything in 2016

Beauty Innovations That Changed Everything in 2016

Charmaine Kon by Charmaine Kon on Dec 29, 2016
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Colour-changing makeup, instant manicures, revolutionary hair tools, and more.

2016 was a great year for the beauty world; we countdown to the best beauty innovation.

From innovative makeup applicators to game-changing skincare, 2016 was fabeautylicious.

10 Colour-Changing Lipsticks

The Kailijumei lipstick is a clear lipstick filled with gold specks, encasing a little flower. Taking the beauty world by storm, it was dubbed “The Most Beautiful Lipstick” by many. Upon application, these lippies change colour to different hues of pink (depending on your body temperature).

Kailijumei lipstick


Another colour-changing lipstick that turned our hearts this year is Lipstick Queen’s Frog Prince. This green lipstick transforms into a semi-sheer rosebud pink, changing its colour based on the warmth of your lips.

Frog prince lipstick queen


Both lippies don’t only boast colour-changing elements and pretty packaging, they are also very moisturising!

9 Nail Polish Marker

Ciate’s Mani Marker is a pigment intense, angled tip pen that will give you full coverage in one coat.

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The easy application and single coat means fully painted nails in the matter of a few minutes. In other words, the answer to all our lazy mani prayers!

8 Dry Brush Cleaner Spray

We don’t clean our makeup brushes nearly enough, thanks to how tedious the process it – which is why Sephora’s Dry Clean Brush Cleaner Spray is heaven-sent! It’s like dry shampoo, only for your brushes.

sephora dry clean


Simply spray it onto your brushes before wiping off the residue with a tissue. Quick and easy!

7 Miracle Wrinkle Cream

You must’ve seen the video below circulating on your social media at some point this year. The NEOGEN Agecure One Minute Wrinkle RX is a serum that reduces the appearance of eye bags and wrinkles in yes, you guessed it, one minute.

While the effect dissipates after a while, continuous use of the product is clinically proven to improve deep wrinkles and sagging skin.

6 Eyelash Staple Gun

Say hello to precise application. Flashes by Flirt Cosmetics dispenses false lashes in short strips and holds it at an edge to be released directly onto your lash line.

As you get to apply a few lashes at a time, this tool gives you a highly customisable look: layer them for drama or just place a few at the ends for a winged look.

5 Magnetic Face Mask

Beauty gurus were rushing to get their hands on the different kinds of magnetic masks on the market. One popular
one is dr. brandt’s Magnetight Age-Defier,an iron-based powder that rejuvenates, purifies, and firms the skin.

The best part? You don’t rinse it off. Instead, you run a magnet piece over to magically (read: magnetically) remove the mask.

4 Hair Straightening Brush

The hair straightening brush was all the rage this year, with many brands offering similar designs.

FemJolie’s best-selling model.

Femjolie straightening brush


Instead of using a regular hair straightener, these straightening brushes can straighten your hair by simply brushing over. Helloooo, convenience!

3 Magnetic False Eyelashes

False lashes without the glue! One Two magnetic lashes does away with the need for eyelash glue by using 2 half-lash strips that sandwich and hold onto your real lashes.

This is amazing for falsie fans because glue residue is annoying, and constantly needing to touch up glue that lose their adhesiveness throughout the night is frustrating.

2 Oval Makeup Brush

These toothbrush-looking brushes are revolutionising makeup application as their synthetic fibres are 3 – 10 times denser than regular brushes. This helps blend makeup into a more even, flawless finish!

artis makeup brushes


The brushes don’t absorb as much product as a traditional brush or a BeautyBlender, so you’ll save some dough in the long run. Plus, it sure doesn’t hurt they’re so sleek looking!

1 Dyson Hair Dryer

Dyson made it clear that it was changing the hair drying game, and so it did with this doesn’t-even-look-like-a-hair-dryer hair dryer.

This lightweight hairdryer is totally re-thought, with a temperature measurement feature that works 20 times per second so you’ll never damage your hair. It also boasts ultra fast drying with a smooth finish.

Why you should care

Colour-changing makeup, instant manicures, revolutionary hair tools, and more.

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