Top 7 Skincare Finds at the Pharmacy

Top 7 Skincare Finds at the Pharmacy

Charmaine Kon by Charmaine Kon on Mar 13, 2017
Why you should care

Sometimes cheap is good.

Don’t snub some of these skincare products in favour of higher end alternatives. These aren’t just good for their price, they’re just good.

Discovering great skincare products at the pharmacy is such a win. Besides the accessibility, you get good value, especially with pharmacies’ frequent promotional offerings.

Luckily for you, we’re the sharing kind:

1 Simple Micellar Cleansing Water

simple micellar cleansing waterIf you’ve never heard of micellar water, you’re welcome. It’s a water-like solution made up of tiny cleansing oil molecules (micelles), suspended in soft water. Since micelles are attracted to dirt and oil, they cleanse the skin and remove makeup without the need for a rinse. This also prevents the skin from drying out.

Simple’s formula is especially gentle and effective. Use it with a facial cotton and when you have to remove your makeup in the middle of the day or between your morning and night washes.

2 Avène Cold Cream

avene cold cream


This moisturiser contains hyaluronic acid which keeps skin supple, hydrated, and protected against environmental damage. Besides that, the white beeswax and thermal spring water soothes and softens the skin. This gentle product is formulated to suit even infants and of course, adults.

3 Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion

nivea in shower lotionWhat better time to moisturise than in the shower? Your skin is damp and your pores are open and receptive to the nutrients of a moisturiser. The lotion is like conditioner for your skin – slap it on and rinse off after rinsing off your body wash. This way, you’ll never have a “too lazy” excuse to skip moisturising!

4 CNP Laboratory Propolis Energy Ampule Mask

CNP Laboratory Energy Ampule Mask


Hailing from Korea, this 2-step mask (ampule application and mask sheet) contains Propolis which has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits. The added boost of hyaluronic acid keeps skin hydrated and protected from free radicals.

5 Naruko Raw Job’s Tear Moisturising & Brightening Lotion

Naruko Raw Jobs Tear toner


This toner cleanses and tightens pores while brightening and hydrating the skin with ingredients like hyaluronic acid (notice a pattern here?) and vitamin B3. The lightweight toner aids quick absorption and leaves the skin looking glowy.

6 Biore Pore Pack (T-Zone)

biore pore pack


Not only is the Biore Pore Pack an effective way to unclog your pores, it’s also totally satisfying. This all-time favourite now comes in a variety pack containing triangle strips for your forehead and chin and the classic nose strip.

7 Sunplay UV Body Mist Sunblock SPF 80

sunplay sunblock mist


This spray-on sunblock does away with the typical annoyances of sunblock: laziness and the white cast that’s just hard to spread. Now you can spray on your sunblock and spread it easily with this watery formula. Plus, that high SPF 80 means that you won’t have to keep reapplying the sunblock.

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Why you should care

Sometimes cheap is good.

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