7 Foundation Brands with A Wide Range of Shades

7 Foundation Brands with A Wide Range of Shades

by Lydia Lohshini on Sep 23, 2017
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Find your match with these brands.

We know how painstaking it is to find the perfect shade of foundation. Sometimes after swatching all the way up our arms, we still leave the store empty handed.

These brands, however, have heard our pleas and now cater to a larger spectrum of skin tones. Ranging from cool to warm undertones for various shades, these makeup brands understand that women are diverse and celebrate their uniqueness.

1 M.A.C.

M.A.C. has been a long-standing favourite among women everywhere as they cater to a wide range of skin tones. The brand’s Studio Fix Fluid range caters to a whopping 31 different skin tones. We recommend this brand for beginners who are just dabbling into the wonderful world of makeup as you won’t be disappointed.

2 Kat Von D

When Kat Von D announced that she was coming up with a beauty line, we were skeptical, but we’re sold now. Her Lock-It Foundation range carries 32 different tones, ranging from light to deep hues with different undertones. Although this range features fewer darker tones, Kat Von D’s Lock-It range has been formulated to cater to medium complexions who often end up having to settle for the midpoint with other brands.

3 Sephora

For all the brown babes who are often let down by drugstore brands, Sephora is the answer for you. Although the brand only carries 16 shades in their 10HR Wear Perfection Foundation range, their shades mostly lean towards browner skin tones. With shades like Tan Bronze, Praline, and Deep Chocolate, you’ll be sure to find a match.

4 Cover FX

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This brand has built its name around being inclusive for all skin tones and ethnicities, and they’ve got the range to prove it. With 40 different shades in their Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation Range, Cover FX is definitely dedicated to the cause. We swear by this brand that is clearly rooting for all of womankind.

5 Make Up For Ever

You will be amazed by Make Up For Ever’s 35 shade foundation range. Their Ultra HD Foundation range has been formulated to fit the everyday girl and we see no lie there. From Marble to Dark Brown, you will find your shade along the way.

6 Bobbi Brown

If you’re a woman of colour, Bobbi Brown has got you. The brand is known for being one of the first makeup brands to launch yellow-toned foundations. Since then, Bobbi Brown has gone on to produce a wider range of shades to fit various skin tones, and carries a line of nude lipsticks and blushes that match darker skin tones.

7 Fenty Beauty

We can’t tell you how excited we are for RiRi’s Fenty Beauty line. The makeup world had just been graced with 40 Rihanna-approved shades of foundation. Yes, you read that right, 40 shades for foundation alone. With a fitting motto like ‘Beauty for All’, Fenty Beauty is about to shake the makeup world real good.

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Why you should care

Find your match with these brands.

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