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7 Quick Fashion Looks for Lazy Days

Harmini Asokumar by Harmini Asokumar on Feb 24, 2016
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Quick fashion tricks for days when you just don’t feel like it.

You know those days when you simply cannot be bothered to put yourself together? Some know it as ‘most Mondays’.

Dressing up and putting together fly ensembles on a daily basis can be rather exhausting. Some days you just want to laze around in your ‘jammies. The thing is, dressing down doesn’t mean looking like a mess. You can still dress to impress on lazy days with this cheat sheet.

1 Steal Denim from the Boyfriend
Couple in Denim


Hello boyfriend jacket! Steal your boyfriend’s denim shirt or jacket and wear it as an oversized outerwear. This gives you more room to pile on layers on the inside during winter. If you’re not up for layering, pair it with a crop top to contrast the extra volume from the jacket. Wear it with cigarette pants or even a pair of shorts. Ta-dah, instant fashion!

2 Dress Down in a Slip Dress

Slip dresses are so easy because they look so chic on their own. Just slip into a slip dress and you’re ready to walk out the door – no fuss and no stress. if you’re up for it, throw on a denim jacket, a chocker, or a bright bag to add a little flair to your outfit. Stock up on these simple yet elegant dresses, you’ll need them for emergency I-can’t-be-bothered days!

3 Jump Around in a Jumpsuit

Similar to a dress, this one-piece automatically makes you look dressed up. With a large range of necklines, designs, and lengths, jumpsuits are versatile and easy to style. Find one that suits your body shape and make it a staple in your wardrobe. Wear it with flip flops or dress it up with a pair of heels to go from day to night.

4 Kimono Cardigan Must-have
Girl in a kimono


Kimono cardigans have been all the rage and quite rightfully so. Wear it over any basic outfit and it transforms the whole look. Bump a casual combo of tank top, shorts, and sandals up by 10 fashion points with this outerwear. Alternatively, you can throw it on over a dress or a jumpsuit and kill the ultimate lazy fashion look!

5 Sweatpants Out

Who says sweatpants are only for working out? Long gone is that stereotype. Sweatpants (especially those cropped at the ankles) have been trending, and what’s not to love about them? It’s style plus comfort all rolled into one. Pair it with a crop top or a loose singlet for a sporty fashionista look! You’ll never know, it might just push you into going for a run too.

6 Turban Cover-up!
turban hair accessory


Turban and turban-like accessories have been making waves on the runway and with A-list celebrities! On a bad hair day or even no-wash days, the turban’s a perfect cover-up. With the option of ready-made turbans and turban-like headbands in stores, you’ll create a chic look within minutes. Leave your hair down or braid the length into a simple braid to hide frizz and grease. Then, throw on a vintage t-shirt and jeans to rock the grunge look, or a dress for a dressier look. Yay, concealer for hair!

7 All in the Details

It’s always in the details. Just because it’s a lazy day, you don’t need to look like a slob. Do the basics: brush your hair, apply some blusher, and dab on lip tint; then you’re good to go. Splurge on a pair of white or black kicks that are comfortable and stylish. A basic like that will go a long way!

Why you should care

Quick fashion tricks for days when you just don’t feel like it.

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